Volunteer in conservation & animal protection

14. July 2023

Whether it’s on the beach in Costa Rica, in the Galapagos Islands, in the jungle of Guatemala, in the highlands of Peru or in the wilderness of southern Chile, our wonderful volunteer projects protect the environment from Panama to Patagonia.

Make our Oceans plastic free

19. May 2023

Beach clean-ups are the focus of the volunteer program. Expeditions to beaches and rivers take place every day to clear them of plastic and other debris. Volunteers from all over the world support this important mission and have a lot of fun doing it.

Nurturing wild animals in Bolivia

28. April 2023

In the animal sanctuary of our dedicated partners you will find a large protected nature park with forests, swamps and savannah zones. Confiscated, captured wild animals from illegal trade and wild animals formerly kept as pets are rehabilitated here and given a protected new home with good living conditions.

Guatemala: Experiencing sustainability

24. February 2023

As an Eco Volunteer you will find the “real” Guatemala. Ancient cultural techniques handed down by the Maya, lively community work and traditional life. Together with the local communities, you will till the land, bring in the harvest, take care of the animals and sell the organic products in the farm shop.

Go green! Eco Volunteering in South America

9. December 2022

Work in dream locations throughout South America and support animal and environmental protection. Help keep the beaches clean and wildlife keep their habitat. With your voluntary work as an Eco Volunteer, you also do something for your personal development and you will certainly learn for life.

Women Empowerment in Ecuador

3. November 2022

As the world’s first World Heritage City, Quito is truly an interesting and exciting city. It attracts tourists from all over the world all year round. Unfortunately, life in Quito is not easy for all residents…

Book now for 2023 and get the 2022 prices

20. October 2022

Whether it’s sunny Costa Rica, chilled life in Colombia or wild wind in Patagonia,
we’re sure you will find the right program abroad among our great variety of choices.

Chile’s gems on a string – from north to south

1. October 2022

Chile’s rich and partly endemic flora and fauna are protected in 42 national parks and dozens of nature reserves and made accessible to tourists.

Combating Altitude Sickness with Leaves

9. August 2022

Those who travel to the Andes will sooner or later find themselves above an altitude of 2000 meters (6,562 feet). At this height, the risk of suffering from altitude sickness increases. Symptoms usually include headaches, followed by nausea, loss of appetite, weakness, dizziness, and breathlessness.

Learn Spanish in Sucre – and then off to the jungle!

25. June 2022

In the seclusion of the Amazon jungle, we work together with an indigenous community, which has preserved their traditional way of life and maintain their traditions until today. At the same time, people are very eager to learn and share, so they decided to receive volunteers from other parts of the world.

Volunteering in Animal Welfare

3. June 2022

The Covid pandemic seems to be slowly coming to an end, travel is possible again as normal in many places and the sea turtle nesting season will soon begin. The season for raising wild animals has also started, and with it, unfortunately, the trade with exotic young animals.
So there’s no better time to enroll now for our volunteer opportunities in animal welfare.

Young at Heart and Willing to Help

26. May 2022

Most of our adult participants want to “be a bit young” again, make a long journey and do useful things and get to know the culture in Latin America up close. Be it through a language trip or volunteer work, you have never experienced Latin America so authentically!

A heart project: Volunteering at a Farm Sanctuary

25. April 2022

Farm animals also need our help. We flirted with this wonderful project for a long time and then the pandemic got in our way. But finally the time has come. Our volunteers can now also help at a farm sanctuary in Chile.

Sea turtle rescue volunteering in Central America

18. March 2022

Seeing giant sea turtles up close is an incredible goosebumps experience. It is incredibly impressive to see these mysterious creatures live and to contribute to their protection.

10 must see National Parks in South America 

25. February 2022

Hardly any other continent offers as many national parks and natural phenomena as South America. Due to the endless expanses and relatively low population density, there are still places that have hardly been touched by human hands.

Peru – irresistibly delicious!

15. January 2022

Do you love good food and like to try new things? Do you like fried foods, but also healthy dishes? Can’t decide between fish and meat? And something sweet always comes at just the right time?

Long awaited, finally here: New school project

9. November 2021

Your tasks are all about shaping and enriching the children’s everyday school life. The intercultural exchange with teachers, children and families is very important. As a volunteer, you will be proactively involved in school and community life.

New variety of programs in Panama

3. November 2021

“The trip to Panama”, the bear from the illustrated children’s story by Janosch already knew that Panama is worth a visit. And we think the bear was quite right about that. We also went on a search in Panama to find great and meaningful volunteer projects for you.

What is Culture Shock?

15. October 2021

Traveling is undoubtedly a great experience that allows you to broaden your horizon, meet new people and explore other countries. Most people have heard of what is known as “culture shock”. But what exactly is that?

Santiago de Chile – some advices for your stay

20. September 2021

As the last of our target countries, Chile will soon be allowing entry again. The pandemic may not be over yet, but the borders are finally opening – yuuupieehh. A great variety of programs awaits you in Chile. For your stopover in the capital, here are a few useful tips.

New: Volunteering in a Fair Trade Organization

30. August 2021

We took advantage of the calm during the pandemic and spotted new interesting and meaningful volunteer projects in Chile for you. One of the new additions is a fair trade organization in the beautiful city of Valdivia.

New exciting Farm Stay placements in Chile

10. August 2021

We used the Corona-related break in Chile diligently in order to have many wonderful new farm stay offers available for the time afterwards. As soon as the borders open, you now have a lot more choice between the small north of Chile and the deepest Patagonia.

New amazing Working Holiday places in Chile

2. August 2021

As soon as the borders are easily passable again for international travelers, you will have endless possibilities in this long, breathtaking country. We at South America Inside have used the time and added great new working holiday places to our offer.

NEW! Medical internship in a hospital in Ecuador

16. July 2021

We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer medical internships abroad for medical students or health care students.

With a medical internship abroad you kill quite a few birds with one stone.

The world keeps turning … we have new volunteer projects!

20. April 2021

We just couldn’t stand waiting for international travel to return to normal. Instead, we went looking for new meaningful projects for you and were able to set up many new programs!

Covid can’t slow us down – what about you?

3. March 2021

Since the Covid pandemic, people have traveled much less. But hey – there are still so many exciting cultures, people, landscapes, places and ways of life to discover in other parts of the world!

2020 Price Guarantee for your stay abroad in 2021

10. June 2020

Don’t let COVID-19 spoil your travel plans! Postpone your South America trip to 2021 and book your program at 2020 prices!

Volunteering opportunities in Colombia now available!

20. May 2020

We have just added a new volunteer project in Colombia for you! The volunteer work is located just north of the capital, Bogotá. The institution looks after children from remote areas and refugee children from Venezuela…

For Nature Lovers: Eco Tourism in Patagonia

16. April 2020

Would you like to disappear from your hectic everyday life for a while? Have time to think about yourself, experience the power of nature first hand, subordinate yourself to its rhythm and test your physical fitness? Then our newest volunteer project will inspire you!

Finally! The relaunch of our homepage is live!

13. April 2020

Waiting was worth it! We have worked hard over the past few months to prepare the relaunch of our homepage. Many valuable suggestions from our customers, business partners and employees have been considered to create the new look and funcionality. And the effort was really worth it!