About Us

South America Inside

South America Inside is one of several projects by Chile Inside SpA. Chile Inside is an intercultural agency, founded in 2003, specializing in organizing the most diversified types of stays abroad.

Our Team

We are an international, multilingual and multidisciplinary team based in Santiago de Chile. Most of us have extensive experience of working, living and volunteering abroad.

Why with us?

There are many powerful arguments why you should plan your stay abroad in Latin America with South America Inside. Below we have put together an overview for you so that you can get to know us better.


A new program, exciting news, an interesting travel route, a newly inaugurated national park, a special date - or just a delicious recipe from South America ... Here we regularly share interesting details from our projects with you.

Social Responsibility

Responsibility towards our fellow human beings, animal and environmental protection are important to us! That is why we not only target these topics with many of our volunteer projects, but also get involved ourselves. It starts on a small scale.


Have we woken your interest? Do you want to experience Latin American real life and not just go as a mere tourist? Our application process is straightforward and simple! Only 3 steps separate you from an unforgettable time in Latin America.

Combine Programs / Discounts

Watch out for our bargains! With our attractive discounts, you can design your dream of going abroad according to your interests and even save money!


Do participants get into a culture shock regularly, or is it rather simple to live abroad? How does the communication in Spanish work and how is it like living with the locals and other volunteers? Former participants can answer you all these quesitons.

Travel Insurance

We know that - once you have decided to go abroad, you immediately experience a thirst for adventure and travel fever! But over all the euphoria, you should not forget to properly protect yourself in the event of an emergency.


At South America Inside we are always looking for the best conditions for you. Therefore we cooperate with STA Travel, specialist for cheap flights all over the world. Most of our program participants particularly benefit from lower and flexible youth and student tariffs.