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New volunteer opportunities in Central and South America

April 20, 2021

We just couldn't stand waiting for international travel to return to normal. Instead, we went looking for new meaningful projects for you and were able to set up many new programs!

Our fantastic new volunteer opportunities, farm stay placements and working holiday programs in Chile (over 15 in total !!!) unfortunately have to wait a bit for you due to closed borders. But you can start immediately elsewhere - have a look below:

We have done a great job in Ecuador: There are many new volunteer projects in Ecuador, both for urban and nature people, for animal lovers, people who like to lend a hand and also for those with a social vocation. Between the Pacific, the cloud forest and the capital Quito, the focus is on species protection, animal rescue, nature parks, eco-farming, social work with children, community service, psychology and work in the health sector. The offer is as diverse as our volunteers.

In Panama it is only a stone's throw from the Atlantic to the Pacific, so that the sea is always within reach. Two of our three new projects are taking place on dream beaches and the third in Panama City is not far from the water. So if you want to combine that holiday feeling with social commitment, you have come to the right place in our new volunteer projects in Panama. We have an animal welfare center on the edge of the rainforest, a Sea Turtles protection project at the Pacific and volunteer work in a primary school in a community on the Gulf of Panama.

Although you can't start right away in Chile, here's a little foretaste:

There are many new program places waiting for you. Our fine selection of programs abroad in Chile is getting bigger and bigger. Working Holiday in Hostels between the dry north and the Patagonian evergreen forests are waiting for you, as are various farm stay places from subsistence farming to large horse farms with touristic operations. In general, there is a lot for horse lovers. The farms are spread out from the central region over the beautiful green lake region to the wild and windy Patagonia. Of course, we have also expanded the volunteer positions in Chile and there are exciting new programs.

Get the travel bug? Just reach out to us and together we will see how your dream can be realized!

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