Application and Booking Process

for South America Inside Volunteer and Language Travel

Are you interested in volunteering overseas? Do you want to learn Spanish abroad and immerse yourself in local Latin American culture? Are you looking to explore this amazing continent in a way that goes beyond mere tourism?

Our application procedure is quick and easy. You are only 3 steps away from embarking on your unforgettable adventure abroad. We will confirm the reception of your application within 2 business days at the latest!

1. Choose Your Stay Abroad

  • Pick your favorite project(s)
  • Choose your Spanish course location, if desired
  • Download the registration form. Complete the documents with as much detail as possible
  • Please follow the instructions on the first page of the form
  • Send the documents, along with your resume, to

We will confirm receipt of your registration within a maximum of 2 business days.

If you need help choosing your program/s abroad, please reach out to us. We will be happy to advice you!

2. Book Your Program

  • After the availability of your project(s) has been confirmed, we will send you the program participation documents
  • Please pay the program fee

After the payment has been received, we will send you the Booking Confirmation which includes further information about your stay, pre-departure information and contact information of our in-country support team. You will also receive the country handbook and intercultural guidelines.

3. Pack Your Bags and Off You Go!

  • Please make sure to put your Booking Confirmation in your carry-on luggage. It has your in-country support information and all important telephone numbers, including the 24/7 emergency number, are on it.
  • Bon Voyage! Have a nice trip and an unforgettable stay abroad!

We require about 1 to 3 weeks to obtain approval from the volunteer site regarding your participation. Keep in mind that some projects may be completely booked. We recommend applying as early as possible to ensure that there is a spot available for you in your favorite volunteer project.

In order to help with the preparation of your time abroad, we encourage our participants to start their program with a Spanish course. The course not only helps you improve your language skills, but also eases you into your journey and allows you to meet liked-minded people. Find your dream location here: Spanish Courses in Latin America.

For any additional question or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with the preparation of your stay abroad in Latin America.

Contact us at or call us at (+1) 954 762 7607.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Who can participate?

Our programs are aimed at everyone, regardless of whether they are students, professionals or pensioners who do not want to explore Latin America as a normal tourist, but rather want to experience "real life"!

Our language trips, volunteer projects and also working holiday and farm stays are open to anyone who wants to do something good abroad, get involved in social work or work abroad for a limited time.

The duration of many of our work abraod programs start at just two weeks. This is an ideal time for professionals who want to discover the world in a different way instead of vacationing on a beach lounger.

Some of our volunteer projects in Latin America can already involve 17-year-olds with the consent of their parents. We have checked all projects for suitability for participants under the age of 18. Important points in this examination are the easy accessibility of the project location, intensive support by our team on site as well as accommodation with host families or suitable project accommodation. The project sites that have passed these filters have a minimum age of 17 years.

The focus is not on your age, but on the ability to adapt and contribute, as well as your curiosity to meet foreign cultures, to learn from them and to help others.

It doesn't matter in which area you want to get involved, we are sure that there is a suitable South America Inside project for you!

Most of our projects do not require any special knowledge or qualifications. A healthy, positive actitud and the desire to help where your help is most needed are much more important.

The adaptation to a foreign culture and language as well as living together with other volunteers from all over the world are certainly new challenges for you. Former participants have repeatedly confirmed to us that working with our projects was an important and enriching personal experience, and a one in a life-time experience.

A stay abroad is an unforgettable and formative opportunity: You not only broaden your horizons, but also improve your language skills and develop social skills.

Bottom line: Get out of the comfort zone and into adventure! 🙂

Why pay for volunteering abroad?

In the past, some volunteers ask us why they have to pay for volunteer work. We understand that paying a fee for volunteering might sound strange to you, however, you will have a better understanding after reading the following explanation.

The main part of the fee to volunteer goes straight to the local project where you will be volunteering. This ensures that the project can provide you with accommodation in a volunteer house or with a host family and, in most cases, 3 meals per day. Another portion of the fee goes to the local project so that they can maintain the tools, equipment, and materials that are required to carry out your volunteer work project. It also supports the employment of the on-site project volunteer coordinator.

At South America Inside, we ensure that there is an ongoing evaluation process of our projects. We monitor the volunteer projects to verify that they are well run, reliable, safe, and suitable for our volunteers. From your initial contact with us, we will work to the best of our abilities to offer you advice regarding different volunteer opportunities and respond to your questions and inquiries. We guarantee that you will receive high quality service and assistance from our office and in-country support staff from the moment that you arrive at the volunteer site. You will receive information, orientation materials, and language support prior to your trip and upon arrival.

We invest a lot of time, work, and diligence to compile the projects available on our website. We also aim to build long-lasting relationships with the various in-country projects that we partner with. The costs related to the recruitment of volunteers, maintenance of our website, and development of marketing and reading materials are substantial. Furthermore, we have expenses due to office rent, maintenance, staff, advertising, email and phone communication, and travel.

Although it is possible to organize your own volunteer placement in a country of your choice, you have to take into account the unexpected problems that may occur. Finding and evaluating a project is time-consuming and risky, as you may have no previous knowledge of the quality and safety. South America Inside will always back you up with our expertise and make sure that you have guidance every step of the way.