Language Travel

Do you want to learn Spanish,

but instead of just sitting in a classroom,
you also want to get to know a new country and its people?

And would you like to put your new skills into practice on the streets and immerse yourself into a new culture?

If you feel like saying “YES!”, keep on reading! South America Inside is a specialist for Spanish language travel and stays abroad in Latin America. With our language courses in South and Central America you can not only enhance your vocabulary, but you will also experience the culture, history and lifestyle of your host country from up close. With us, Spanish is not just grammar and books, but you will live the language in everyday life!

For your Spanish language travel with South America Inside, you can choose from almost 30 language schools in 12 different countries. There are language schools right at the ocean, in beautiful evergreen landscapes, in picturesque old colonial towns, in outdoor paradises and in dazzling cities with a great nightlife. Several of our language schools are even located in UNESCO-World Heritage cities.