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If you do not want to explore Latin America as a mere tourist, but rather experience real life while giving back to society or supporting local animal and wildlife, at South America Inside you have come to the right place. For almost 20 years, we have specialized in the organization of stays abroad, such as educational, cultural and language travel. Latin America is our lifeblood, we are very familiar with this beautiful continent, we are located on the ground, and we offer a broad diversity of different destinations and programs in 13 countries.

We are an international, multilingual and multidisciplinary team based in Santiago de Chile. Most of us have extensive experience abroad and we know from our own experience very well what really matters. In addition to planning volunteer projects, language trips, internships abroad, working holidays and Au Pair programs in Latin America, we see it as our task to promote environmental awareness, animal welfare and respect for other cultures at an international level.

Tier und Umwelt

In countries where society struggles with problems, animal and environmental protection are often not a priority at all - but in the long term they mean our future! Help to protect local Wildlife and Nature!


The weakest members of society are often the most affected by poverty. Be a ray of hope in the lives of disadvantaged children, disabled people or the elderly!


Access to comprehensive medical care is not a matter of course for many people around the world. For some of them, you can make a difference.

Education / Teaching

Good education is expensive or far away in many areas of the world. Help carry education to the most remote places and broaden the horizons of many people - including your own!

Community Work

In our community projects you can build houses, impart knowledge, support marginalized families - while growing as a person and developping intercultural skills.

Working abroad

Working where others go on vacation - and enjoying your destination country during your free time: The most affordable way to experience unforgettable adventures!

You will not only gain work experience abroad, but also valuable intercultural skills that only "real life abroad" can teach you!

Spanish Courses

Spanish skills open up a whole new world to you! We offer different proficiency levels in almost 30 Spanish schools throughout our 13 destinations ins Latin American!

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Find valuable information on all of our programs and read about the advantages, opportunities and challenges that come with a stay abroad with South America Inside.

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