Volunteering in Ecuador

On the trail of ancient cultures!

There are many reasons that speak for Ecuador as a destination for volunteer work. Ecuador is one of the few countries in Latin America where the original indigenous culture is still very much alive. Both in the Andean highlands and in the Amazon region, everyday life is strongly influenced by the traditions, customs and way of life of the ancestors. This makes Ecuador as a very interesting destination for volunteer travel. In addition, Ecuador offers a breathtaking diversity. So, you can get to know the Amazon rainforest, climb picture-perfect snow-capped volcanoes, hike amazing Andean peaks, relax and surf on dream beaches, explore beautiful colonial cities and visit unique national parks.

Volunteer Work in Ecuador

The most important asset of Ecuador are the people themselves! Generosity, kindness, openness and friendliness are typical characteristics of the lovable Ecuadorians. This wonderful people welcomes everyone with open arms!

The big cities like Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca leave nothing to be desired. Whether visiting museums, theaters or churches, buying exceptional souvenirs or just strolling through one of the typical markets - every day you can experience something new here. There are also numerous nightlife options, such as cafes, restaurants, bars or pubs.

What many do not know: Ecuador owns the world-famous Galapagos Islands. On these isolated islands of volcanic origin many rare animal species can be found that only exist on the Galapagos. You do not have to be a biologist to enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape and wildlife of the islands to the fullest. For many people it is a long-cherished dream to travel to the Galapagos Islands only once in their lifetime. Our volunteer work on the Galapagos Islands makes it possible for you to spend several weeks on this amazing archipelago!

Why should I work as a volunteer in Ecuador?

Voluntary work gives you the opportunity to fulfill the dream of spending time abroad and supporting those who urgently need help. Without the many volunteers who choose to volunteer in Ecuador, many volunteer projects would not exist. No matter in which field you do your volunteer service, it is definitely a meaningful work experience with great impact!

Another reason for volunteering abroad is the international aspect. A stay abroad, combined with social involvement, gives you the opportunity to gain valuable international work experiences and intercultural skills, that no one can every take away from you.

Having work experience abroad is definitely a plus in your CV, as your volunteer service abroad will show your potential employer that you have the very important "soft skills".

When staying abroad you will meet many different people from very diverse countries. People you would never run into in your home country. The cultural exchange with them can be very valuable and opens your horizon! Last but not least, volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to experience first-hand the foreign culture and customs, the local people, nature and wildlife! This opens up a different way of thinking and experiencing, allowing you to mature and grow as a person.

What kind of volunteer projects are available in Ecuador?

As diverse as the country itself, so diverse are the activities for volunteers in Ecuador. In addition to many social aid projects with children, adolescents or the elderly and the sick, there are very interesting conservation projects. 

Due to severe environmental sins and poaching, native biodiversity is seriously endangered in large parts of Ecuador. Therefore, there are many animal welfare projects dedicated to the rescue and release of exotic animals. With the large number of volunteer projects that are offered in Ecuador, it is sometimes difficult to make a decision. Before deciding on a project, it is important to first understand what area you would like to work in and what purpose you want to support. Define for yourself what your strengths, interests and abilities are. Do you feel like working with children, animals or older people? Also, think carefully about the environment in which you would like to volunteer. In the nature? In a city? In the countryside? Near the sea? In the mountains? In the rain forest?

For each volunteer organization you will find a detailed program description on our homepage. There are also the tasks and activities that you will perform during your volunteer service. So you can check again if the volunteer project really fits in with your ideas and mission. In our quick facts about each volunteer program you can read more about topics such as minimum length of stay, working hours, type of accommodation and meals, minimum age, climate, location, etc.

Where are the project locations for a voluntary service in Ecuador?

Ecuador is one of the mega-biodiverse countries in the world due to the many different climatic zones and the location directly on the equator. Thus, the country is divided into three parts: the Andean highlands in the center of the country, the Amazon basin in the east and the Pacific coast in the west. The Galapagos Islands form a separate entity in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In each of these areas there are different volunteer projects with different priorities. In the Amazon Rainforest, volunteering is all about environmental and animal welfare, as deforestation, huge oil projects and illegal poaching are threatening local exotic wildlife, and some species are threatened with extinction.

Northwest of Quito you can choose from conservation projects to preserve the cloud forest. In the Andean highlands around the beautiful town of Otavalo, volunteers can primarily support cultural volunteer projects and participate in development work. In major cities such as Quito and Cuenca volunteers help in various programs for the benefit of children, be it in the care, education or health. On the Pacific Coast, volunteers have the opportunity to support marine biology conservation projects. Last but not least, there are a handful of opportunities for volunteering in the Galapagos Islands in nature and wildlife conservation or volunteering with children.

We offer volunteer projects in the following areas

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Volunteer Projects in Ecuador

What language skills do I need for a voluntary service in Ecuador?

An important requirement for volunteering in Ecuador is foreign language skills. English is always an excellent basis for communicating abroad. Volunteers often communicate in English, because they really come from all over the world. However, it is also important that you speak the native language of your host country, Spanish! At least you should have a good basic knowledge, because with your volunteer work in Ecuador you also want to get as much contact as possible with the locals, to experience their culture and way of life, to get to know their traditions and to be able to communicate with them. Only if you also speak the language of the country, you can really immerse yourself in the local life and feel for a while as part of society.

Your Spanish skills are limited to "hola" and "gracias"? Then we advise you to learn Spanish on the ground in Ecuador. This can easily be tackled in one of our Spanish schools. If you already speak some Spanish and want to brush up on your language skills, you are welcomed to join one of our advanced Spanish groups. Not to mention that in a Spanish course you will meet like-minded people and make contacts quickly.

In Ecuador we offer language courses in the following cities: