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June 03, 2022

The Covid pandemic seems to be slowly coming to an end, traveling is possible again as normal in many places and the sea turtle nesting season will soon begin. The season for raising wild animals has also started, and with it, unfortunately, the trade in exotic young animals.

So, there's no better time to enroll than now to volunteer in animal welfare in Latin America 🐾. Be a volunteer abroad with South America Inside and contribute to make animal welfare on this planet a little bit better.

At our animal sanctuaries, volunteers help feed and care for the animals. Volunteers can also help improve the facilities, take care of baby animals and make toys from natural materials for the animals (especially the monkeys). Almost all of these animals have been confiscated from the illegal pet trade and must go through a thorough quarantine and rehabilitation process. There are also animals that have been found injured or animals that private households have voluntarily handed over to the centers.

At our popular sea turtle projects in Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala, volunteers help conduct nightly beach patrols in search of nesting sea turtles. They help collect and bury eggs in the hatcheries, release hatchlings on the beach, and collect research data. Garbage piles on our beautiful beaches is a huge problem, not only for flora but also for sea turtles and other marine life. Volunteers also help with beach cleaning, mangrove reforestation and environmental education projects.

In our section "Volunteering Animal Welfare" you can get an overview of the variety of different animal welfare projects. These are available in 8 different destination countries, from Panama to Costa Rica and Ecuador down to Chile.

Trouble choosing the perfect match for you? Our experienced team will be happy to advise you! Contact us! 🙂🌎

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