Covid can’t slow us down – what about you?

Covid can't slow us down - what about you?

Going abroad during the pandemic

March 3, 2021

Since the Covid pandemic, people have traveled much less, and if so, then mostly within their own country. But hey - there are still so many exciting cultures, people, landscapes, places and ways of life to discover in other parts of the world!

We at South America Inside are very happy that things are looking up again and that we can offer our meaningful volunteer projects, farm stay and working holiday programs again. We were extremely active during the mandatory "corona-break" and have put together a lot of new amazing programs for you.

We have been able to welcome fantastic, committed volunteers to our projects again since October 2020. Volunteering is particularly important to us, because many social projects with limited funds can only survive thanks to our volunteers. Together we can do a lot of good, help children, save animals and protect our mother earth.

Our participants have experienced a lot in the past few months, had fun, helped and learned - and more are coming every month. We look forward to everyone and of course to you.

All of our projects have Covid protocols to ensure safe participation.

If you are thinking about a stay abroad in Latin America, please contact us! We look forward to advising you on how to get to your South America adventure safely, covid-free and well organized, even in these turbulent times.

You are not sure about travelling at the moment or do not want to plan longterm? No problem: You can also book very spontaneously. We are flexible and are happy to adapt to your needs.

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