Spanish & Surf

Study Spanish and learn how to surf

Spanish school locations in Latin America

What to do with free time? What to do with the hard-earned travel budget? Fun or learning? Adventure or a boost for your resume? Broaden your horizons or vocabulary?

We think: Let’s do all of it!

With our Spanish language programs "Spanish & Surf" you kill a lot of birds with one stone: fun & back to school. Learning Spanish & getting a tan. Meeting new people & seeing great places. Trying new food & immersing yourself in a different culture. And of course, you also train your newly acquired Spanish skills on a visit to a local market, at the bar or on the beach. You trim your body and ride the waves at the coolest locations in Latin America.

Our Spanish language schools that offer Spanish & Surf are lined up from north to south like pearls on a string:

Spanish & Surf, Tamarindo / Costa Rica

Here on the Nicoya Peninsula, you'll find some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. And in Tamarindo there is plenty of sun, sandy beaches, deep blue ocean, sea turtles, an exciting nightlife and, in addition to surfing, there are also options for snorkeling, sailing and kayaking. This place is just right for Spanish students who want to escape the foggy weather back home and who love water sports. Our first-class Spanish school in Tamarindo with a large rainforest garden and terraces is only 150 m from the beach.

Spanish & Surf, Samara / Costa Rica

Also on the Nicoya Peninsula, this hippie-chic beach town offers a perfect combination of tropical palm-fringed beaches, calm waves for beginner surfers, a beautiful boardwalk, and trendy lounges. Ideal for sun worshipers who want to unwind and learn something at the same time, no matter what the season. Activities such as snorkeling, horseback riding and dolphin watching complete the Spanish & Surf program. Our popular Spanish school in Samara has cozy classrooms and prepares students to use their Spanish skills in practical situation with field trips.

Spanish & Surf, Montañita / Ecuador

Montañita is a small paradise on the Pacific, where backpackers and surfers from all over the world cavort. Surfing is lifestyle here! If you like it relaxed and like to get around by bike, you are at the right place in the charming little town. The sun shines all year round, so if you just want to get a tan and relax while learning Spanish, you can do that too. Archaeological sites, hiking trails, diving spots and much more lure those who want “even more”. Our excellent Spanish school in Montañita with sea views was recognized as one of the best Spanish schools in the world shortly after it was founded, thanks to its excellent location and great Spanish teachers. Here you can expect a pleasant learning environment and professional, creative teaching.

Spanish & Surf, Lima / Peru

No! To combine Spanish lessons with surfing, you don't necessarily have to travel to a small town: This option is also available in a big city with a centuries-old history, with lots of culture and flair. If you're more of a city person, like it colorful, exciting, and diverse and still don't want to miss out on surfing and relaxing, Lima is your place to be. The capital of Peru is a historic colonial city and a modern metropolis at the same time. Located directly on the Pacific, it attracts surfers as well as friends of good food, because the Peruvians are well-known for their exquisite cuisine. Our Spanish school in Lima has an excellent reputation and is located in a nice and safe part of the city. The neighborhood has lots of parks, sidewalk cafes and shopping opportunities and is within walking distance to the Pacific - what more could you ask for?

Spanish & Surf, Pichilemu / Chile

Pichilemu means "little forest" in Mapugundun, the language of the Mapuche people. Pichilemu is not only a pretty spot between fragrant forests in the hinterland and the wild waves of the Pacific, but also THE surf hotspot in Chile, if not in all South America. What used to be a rather sleepy fishing village has blossomed into a veritable magnet for surfers, backpackers and adventurers from all over the world. In the Chilean summer months this place offers a varied nightlife and leisure activities. The waves at nearby Punta de Lobos are only for cracks, international competitions are held here every year. Beginners can learn at Pichilemu beach - there is a wave for every level. Our Spanish school in Pichilemu with its nice patio is a bit away from the hustle and bustle, so that you can concentrate on your Spanish study - but don't worry, away from the hustle and bustle doesn't mean you're off the beaten path: 5 minutes' walk away are pretty little beaches and you can reach the "Playa Grande" in 15 minutes. Nowhere is it as easy to unwind + party + surf + excursions into the hinterland as in Pichilemu, Chile.