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Au Pair in a Spanish speaking foreign countries

An Au Pair program means intercultural exchange and understanding between two different cultures. People who go abroad as au pairs invest time, creativity, motivation and language skills in a host family, especially in the children of the host family. In return, they are accepted by the host family as another family member and can actively participate in family life. The activities that you do as an Au Pair abroad are in the area of childcare and minor duties in the household. In return, the Au Pair receives accommodation and meals from the host family as well as a monthly allowance for personal expenses and leisure activities. Because the Au Pairs are seen as a new member of the family, they have the same rights and obligations as for all other family members, as far as living together is concerned.

Below we have compiled for you the most important facts about the Au-Pair program in Spanish-speaking foreign countries, especially Chile.

Au Pair Chile

During an Au Pair program in Chile, you will live in a Chilean host family and help the family take care of their children and do household chores. The Au Pair program gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with Chile's culture and improve your Spanish. Of course, your duties as Au Pair in Chile are primarily focused on childcare. So, it may be your job to supervise the children while the parents are away, playing with them, singing, crafting, reading to them or finding other creative pursuits. It may also be that you bring the children to school or kindergarten and pick them up and help them with their homework. In addition, the family will often need your support in bathing and dressing the children, preparing meals and having babysitting in the evening. Another point that is very important for many families is that you practice a foreign language with the children (mostly German or English). Many children go to bilingual schools, and parents attach great importance to their children speaking a second language from an early age. In addition to these tasks with the children, light household tasks can be part of your job, such as tidying up and keeping the children's rooms clean, washing children's clothes, washing dishes, setting tables, etc.

Au Pairs usually work between 25 and 40 hours a week, so there is still plenty of free time for leisure activities. Through South America Inside, you have access to an Au Pair community to meet other participants in your free time. Chile has so much to offer and on the 4,300 km from north to south the most varied landscapes, natural wonders and travel opportunities are waiting to be explored by you!

Au Pair Chile - Program placement and local support

As an Au Pair in Chile, we place you in one of our many friendly and carefully selected host families considering your preferences (for example, in terms of age and number of children). Our Au Pair families generally live throughout Chile, with the majority of families living in or near the capital, Santiago de Chile. Homestay families include both Chilean families and many binational and bilingual families.

South America Inside takes care of the entire placement process, including personal interviews and family visits. During your Au Pair stay in Chile, you will also be looked after by the multilingual team of South America Inside and we will always assist you in case of questions or problems. There are also portals on the Internet that encourage you to find a host family for your Au Pair stay for free. Some of these websites have one million registrations. You may ask yourself, how can a company search so many families? Having said that, please think twice before traveling to the other end of the world to join a host family you met over the internet. If something goes wrong and your host family violates the agreement, it is up to you to solve the problem yourself, in a foreign country and without professional help. This will not happen at South America Inside, because we're on site in the destination country and will always be there for you as a back-up! Surprisingly, when the Au Pair fee and other expenses are compared with pocket money plus the value of room and board, Au Pairs actually earn more than they spend. Being an Au Pair is one of the cheapest ways to experience international travel, even if you have to pay a program fee and airfare.

What makes a good au pair?

In order for the Au Pair program in Chile to be a complete success, it is very important that you bring a lot of adaptability and tolerance towards the other culture and in many cases other educational methods as well. In addition, you should be very motivated and proactive and feel like integrating into your host family. Always keep in mind that for sure many things will be different than you are used to at home. An open attitude towards new things will definitely help you to adapt and see differences as something positive.

Did this information made you feel like traveling to Chile as an Au Pair and making your own experiences? We are happy to assist you in choosing a suitable host family and are always here for you with help and advice during the organization process as well on the ground in Chile. Book your Au Pair program in South America with us and look forward to new impressions and wonderful experiences.

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