Go green! Eco Volunteering in South America

Become an Eco Volunteer abroad

Preserve habitats, protect animals, clean dream beaches

December 9, 2022

In recent years, the need to get actively involved in climate and species protection has increased significantly. Young people in particular, but also older generations who feel strongly connected to the future of our planet, take it out of everyday life in order to counteract global climate change and environmental destruction.

Volunteering is an incredible way to spread awareness about the environment and how cool it is to help our mother earth. A new generation of Eco Volunteers is growing up and we applaud you for it!

But what is actually behind the term Eco Volunteering? What exactly does an Eco Volunteer do? Who is eligible? Where can you get involved?

We have compiled these questions and, of course, suitable volunteer projects for you in our article on eco volunteering abroad.

Find out more about the wonderful volunteer opportunities await for you in Latin America.

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