Learn Spanish in Sucre – and then off to the jungle!

Spanish course and Volunteering in Bolivia

World heritage meets jungle community

June 25, 2022

The classic destinations for language study in Latin America, Working Holiday in Latin America or volunteering in Latin America? ... Bolivia is probably a bit further back on the list. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, it is one of the places where you can still find a good portion of authenticity and relatively little tourism during your stay abroad in Latin America. So if you really want to enjoy a break from everyday life for a while and would like to immerse yourself deeply in original cultures, we recommend the following exciting combination:

First a Spanish course in Sucre. Founded in 1538, this colonial city in central Bolivia has a very interesting history. In fact, it is today the constitutional capital of Bolivia. Large parts of the city in are preserved in their original state, which is why parts of Sucre were declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1987. The UNESCO did not only honor the preservation of the buildings, but also the unique fusion of local architectural traditions with colonial architecture. This fusion is still being used in modern buildings today. Consequently, Sucre is considered one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Many green parks and squares invite you to linger, dream or learn Spanish open air - or you can simply enjoy the hustle and bustle with an ice cream.

Our language school in Bolivia is located conveniently right in the heart of the city of Sucre in a beautiful building with a nice “patio”. Our dedicated teachers organize exciting additional events to introduce you and your classmates from all over the world to Bolivia's culture.

Then, when your Spanish has reached certain level, get to know another, unknown side of Bolivia beyond the picture postcards! In the sparsely populated north of the Bolivian lowlands, you'll find tropical rainforests that are just buzzing with life!

Here we would like to recommend you a very special project for volunteering in Bolivia: In the seclusion of the Amazon jungle, we work together with an indigenous community, which has preserved their traditional way of life and maintain their traditions until today. At the same time, people are very eager to learn and share, so they decided to receive volunteers from other parts of the world. This is all about giving and sharing knowledge and experience: organic farming in exchange for teaching English, knowledge of native animals and plants for assistance in an eco-tourism project and in the evening, after the day's work is done: local stories in exchange for a Western fairy tale...
-> Volunteer Work with an Indigenous Community

Sounds exciting? Are you ready for your adventure between a UNESCO World Heritage site and pure nature? Contact us and we will organize your stay abroad in Bolivia.

Apart from Sucre, would you like to travel to more world heritage and learn Spanish abroad? Or do some volunteer work at extraordinary locations? Ask about our combination discounts!

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