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Are your familiar with this type of experience
when sport clears your head?

And how good that feels?

Its quite similar with physical work. In our modern world we are far from having those experiences and most jobs are mainly brain work. To do something else just for some time can free your mind and release stress and worries. Furthermore, it’s a good thing to make yourself aware from time and time, that “food just does not grow in the supermarket”.

And if you want to broaden your horizon, see something new and enjoy physical activities and life in nature, please continue reading:
Spending time in a foreign country on a farm can be an invigorating and meaningful opportunity to get out of you daily routine and comfort zone for a while, test your limits and get to know yourself better. A little adventure is part of every farm stay, as it doesn’t only get you out of your usual working environment but it brings you to the other side of the world – be it a beautiful hacienda in the wide pampas, an idyllic vineyard, a touristic horse ranch, a self-supporting farm in the cloud forest or a little family run business in wild Patagonia.

Experience authentic country life and immerse into the everyday life of a farm. Gain genuine insights into the local culture and mentality.

South America Inside is an agency for stays abroad, we have established farm stay programs in several countries in Latin America. Many years ago, we were the first organization to introduce this kind of stay abroad in countries like Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Taking part in one of our Farm Stay Programs means living and working on a farm in South America its experiencing everyday life. You support the farm with all kinds of tasks and in return you are provided with accommodation and food. So, you can keep your costs low and enjoy your farm stay in Latin America to the fullest.