Guatemala: Experiencing sustainability

Become a Volunteer on an Eco Farm

Antigua / Guatemala

February 24, 2023

With this volunteer project you can combine volunteering and sightseeing wonderfully as it is right next to Antigua, THE tourist hotspot in Guatemala. No matter what interests you: Mayan culture, Pacific coast, volcanoes, hiking, nightlife or the jungle, everything is possible from Antigua.

But that's just a side note because you are not coming to Guatemala as a tourist. As an Eco Volunteer you will find the "real" Guatemala. Ancient cultural techniques handed down by the Maya, lively community work and traditional life. Together with around 25 employees and members of the surrounding communities, you will till the land, bring in the harvest, take care of the animals and sell the organic products in the farm shop.

Since the eco farm also serves as a community center, you can immerse yourself in the culture of Guatemala and meet many interesting people. Arts, crafts, games, sports, further education workshops and celebrations for young and old are the order of the day here.

You don't need to have any farming experience to get involved in this volunteer program. We are looking for volunteers who have a knack for building and carpentry, can hold workshops (e.g. yoga, sports, handicrafts, etc.), do environmental education with the children, are good at cooking or produce eco-fashion with the local women by means of upcycling.

Would you like to immerse yourself in Guatemalan life and join our eco farm project? Take a look at the program description or simply contact us!

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