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The trip to Panama

Volunteer project in animal welfare and schools

November 03, 2021

“The trip to Panama”, the bear from the illustrated children's story by Janosch already knew that Panama is just beautiful. And we think the bear was right about that. We also went on a search in Panama to find great and meaningful volunteer projects for you.

Panama, the small country in the middle of Central America, which the Panama Canal divides in two, is rather unknown as a travel destination. It is much better known for the Panama Canal, banking and as a tax-free shopping paradise.

But Panama has so much more to offer! Popular with visitors are the beautiful national parks, the dream beaches on the Pacific and in the Caribbean, the local flora and fauna with a variety of exotic mammals such as coatis, peccaries, tapirs and a wide variety of monkey species, as well as reptiles, birds and insects. There is so much to discover in Panama.

So we don't want Panama to be missing in our program offer any longer and have put together a small but fine selection of volunteer projects that are available immediately.

You can work in animal welfare with wildlife or protect sea turtles on the Pacific beach. Child-loving volunteers can work in a small rural school in the Caribbean and help the children with their homework and the teachers with their lessons.

Click here for the program overview: Volunteer work in Panama

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