Make our Oceans plastic free

Beach Clean-up Expeditions

Jaco Beach / Costa Rica

May 19, 2023

It is with great pleasure that we present our new Eco Volunteer Project: Beach Clean-up Expeditions in Costa Rica. After the work is done, the volunteers can look back on the achievement every day, certainly exhausted but also full of pride. A real and concrete help whose success can be seen immediately.

Beach clean-ups are the focus of this meaningful volunteer program. Expeditions to different beaches and rivers take place every day to clear them of plastic and other kind of trash. Volunteers from all over the world support this important mission and have a lot of fun doing it.


The Volunteer Camp is located in a beautiful resort right by the sea, surrounded by evergreen rainforest and beautiful beaches. So that the volunteers can relax after hard work, they are allowed to use the resort's facilities such as swimming pools, hot tubs, gardens and hiking trails.

Learn more about this eco volunteer project in Costa Rica. Take an active role in environmental protection, help to free our oceans from plastic waste!

Sounds exciting? Here you can find more information about Volunteering in Beach Clean-up & Conservation  – or simply contact us!

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