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March 18, 2022

Seeing giant sea turtles up close is an incredible goosebumps experience. It is incredibly impressive to see these mysterious creatures live and to contribute to their protection. Be an active part when it comes to preserving the breathtaking wildlife on our planet. As a volunteer, you can put words into action and get involved in species protection while having an absolutely enriching experience abroad.

South America Inside offers you various volunteer projects that serve to protect sea turtles. Our projects are located in the countries of Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala, both on the Pacific side and on the Caribbean beach, always surrounded by dream beaches and a fantastic landscape in the hinterland.

The aim of the projects is to protect the endangered species of sea turtles that breed on the beaches of Central America. A very important part of the work, in addition to protecting the egg-laying sites, is also educating the local population in the coastal communities. Greater awareness must be achieved regarding the preservation and protection of these unique animals and their habitat.

The volunteers also help with beach cleaning to ensure that the hatcheries are free of any type of rubbish that poses a threat to the mother turtles and the baby turtles.

Below you will find the program descriptions of the individual projects:

Panama, Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering
Guatemala, Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering
Costa Rica, Sea Turtle Conservation at the Pacific Coast
Costa Rica, Sea Turtles Convervation in the Caribbean
Costa Rica, Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering

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