Eco Volunteering Abroad

Get involved as an Eco Volunteer in Latin America

Our earth needs help. At every nook and cranny. ANYONE can be an Eco Volunteer, including you!

If you are in a phase of life where you have time to save a piece of nature and are adventurous and keen to travel, then Eco Volunteering is just the right thing for you.

And if you want to switch off from everyday life and really get involved, improve your language skills and get to know exciting new people and cultures, then eco volunteering in South America is exactly what you need.

It doesn't matter whether you've just finished your studies or school, if you are a professional or already retired - everyone is welcome to join this fantastic movement.

You can do Eco Volunteering from as little as 2 weeks. Anyone can become an Eco Volunteer in South America. A bit of physical fitness is necessary, but neither age, origin nor professional background play a role. The more diverse the volunteer group, the more interesting and exciting your volunteer experience abroad.

Personal attitude is more important than specialist knowledge: You love nature, have a “hands-on mentality” and would like to give something as well as learn something. Dirty hands scare you just as little as rough terrain. On the contrary, if something like this is part of the adventure for you, then come to South America and become an eco volunteer.

What is Eco Volunteering

An Eco Volunteer give their time and energy to a good cause - just like other volunteers. Except that with Eco Volunteering you work on volunteer projects that deal with nature conservation, animal welfare, environmental education, reforestation and generally with the preservation and protection of planet.

Eco volunteers can be found in the jungle, on the beach, in national parks, nature reserves and even in small communities in rural areas.

Why Eco Volunteering?

Of course you can also travel and enjoy the vastness of Patagonia, the unbelievable biodiversity on the Galapagos, the dense rainforest in the Amazon region or the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica as a tourist. Even as an eco-tourist. In this case you will have a great time, experience unforgettable settings and in the best case your money will be used sustainably in the region.

But as an Eco Volunteer you go a big step further. You are actively doing something to protect the habitat and ecosystem you travel to. Your manpower and know-how will fully benefit species conservation and the local community. Your presence leaves footprints in a positive sense – footprints that the local community can build on along with subsequent Eco Volunteers long after your adventure is over.

Your presence gets a meaning that goes far beyond your own adventure and life enrichment. And: You also do something for your own personal development. You will be proud of yourself after a long day at work. Your physical fitness will improve and your self-confidence will blossom if you get to know unexpected sides of yourself.

That doesn't mean that eco volunteering is all about hard work. No matter which place you choose, you will get to know it better than any tourist could. On your days off or after work, you can also do tourist activities, relax, unwind, or simply enjoy the country, people and the wonderful nature that surrounds you. Eco volunteering in South America is the best combination of adventure, time out, meaningful work and a pinch of the exotic.

Our diverse volunteer projects in the area of animal welfare and environmental protection make eco volunteering abroad varied and exciting. From jungle to dream beach or glacier, all this is part of our volunteer opportunities! 🌎🌴🐾💚💚

If you have any questions, we are happy to help you! Contact us. 😊