Go Abroad at the age of 17

Finished High School!

Now what?

Before you start furhter higher education, take some time to travel abroad! All of our Spanish courses, and many of our volunteer projects in Latin America allow participants that are under 18 years old to join the programs.

We have thoroughly analyzed all volunteer work projects for the suitability of participants under the age of 18 years. Important aspects that we have investigated include easy accessibility to the project site, personal support offered by our local staff, and accommodations with host families or appropriate accommodations on the project sites.

You can find the minimum age requirement in the Quick Facts of each program description.

Please always discuss your plans to go abroad with your parents and keep them involved with your decision process.

Not sure which project is best for your? We will happily advise you and your parents based on our experience regarding volunteer abroad projects that are suited for those under 18 years old.