Nurturing wild animals in Bolivia

Animal Welfare Project

Santa Cruz / Bolivia

April 28, 2023

Bolivia is not at all on the bucket list for most South American tourists, or it is further down the list - wrongly so, in our opinion! Did you know that Bolivia is one of the most biodiverse countries on earth and that there are not only the well-known Andean highlands, but also a good piece of the Amazon region? This wonderful animal welfare project will take you right there.

In the animal sanctuary of our dedicated partners you will find a large protected nature park with forests, swamps and savannah zones. Confiscated, captured wild animals from illegal trade and wild animals formerly kept as pets are rehabilitated here and given a protected new home with good living conditions. If things go very well (unfortunately, this is very rare because of the trauma of the animals), they are later released back into the wild.

Animal-loving people and eco volunteers are essential for this project because it does not get any public funding. 

You would be making a very important contribution to animal welfare here. The tasks include feeding, caring for young animals, but also building new enclosures and making repairs. For this volunteer project we are looking for “hands on volunteers” who are not afraid of hard physical work. As a reward, you are out and about in breathtaking nature every day and get incomparable insights into an adventurous life.

The interesting city of Santa Cruz is only 50 km away. Here the highland cultures of the west merge with the customs of the Amazon and the Guarani culture to create a fascinating, colorful mix. When volunteering at this animal welfare project you are in the middle of the countryside and still not completely "off the beaten track".

Sounds exciting? You can find more information about this adventure here: Volunteer Work in a Custody Center for Wildlife  – or simply contact us!

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