Finally! The relaunch of our homepage is live!

Relaunch Homepage

South America Inside

April 13, 2020

Waiting was worth it! We have worked hard over the past few months to prepare the relaunch of our homepage. Many valuable suggestions from our customers, business partners and employees have been considered to create the new look and funcionality. And the effort was really worth it! The website now shines in new splendor, and we have a couple of surprises for you.

To celebrate the launch we offer you attractive discounts.

*50% discount on the registration fee for all projects! Until May 31, 2020!*

Take your time and surf our new site, it's worth it! We are sure that there is a suitable stay abroad for you, too.

Furthermore, the new website has a user-friendly design, many new features and also new projects:

  1. On the home we have integrated a trip finder for you.
  2. The project descriptions are even more extensive and detailed.
  3. We have now finally integrated volunteer work in Colombia.
  4. Combine programs and save money! There are plenty of discounts for our program combinations and working holiday programs.
  5. You can now travel worry-free with our special tariffs for travel insurance abroad.
  6. From now on, many of our programs are also available for 17 year olds!
  7. Programs that are particularly suitable for the “young at heart” (age 50+) are marked with a special symbol.
  8. Many meaningful volunteer projects are waiting for you, especially in the countries of Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala.
  9. You can find a lot of helpful information regarding Going Abroad in our online guideline.

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