A heart project: Volunteering at a Farm Sanctuary

Sanctuary for Pets and Farm Animals

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April 25, 2022

Farm animals also need our help. We flirted with this wonderful project for a long time and then the pandemic got in our way. But finally the time has come.

Our volunteers can now also help at a farm sanctuary in Chile. Here you help neglected and abused animals to "get back on their feet", regain trust in people and live a dignified life.

This animal sanctuary is definitely one of our heart projects and we are happy that it is finally part of our program.

Since 2016, the farm sanctuary has been taking care of pets and farm animals that need a caring home where they know they are safe and can live in peace. Animals that have been subjected to neglect, mistreatment and abuse find their new home on 9 hectares of land. The animals are lovingly cared for, treated and pimped up again. They are not available for adoption, but are allowed to spend their twilight years at the sanctuary.

A detailed description of the program can be found here:
Volunteer work at a farm sanctuary in Chile

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