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Auslandsprogamme für Junggebliebene

Feel too “old” to volunteer abroad? Not with us! Our volunteer and language travel programs are meant for everyone. Whether you are a student, professional or even retiree.

Freiwilligenarbeit im Tierschutz

Finished with school and looking to broaden your horizon? Want to study and work abroad?
Before you start furhter higher education, take some time to travel abroad!

Warum ins Ausland?

Be more than a tourist! With our stays abroad you do not get to know your host country as a conventional tourist, but dive deeper into the culture and way of life of the local people.

Spanisch Sprachreise

Language travel means traveling abroad with the intention of learning or improving a foreign language. In today's globalized world, it is becoming increasingly important to know foreign languages and demonstrate understanding of different cultures.


South America Inside has selected a wide range of exciting volunteer work projects that make a great impact all over Latin America. Our “Volunteer Work Specials” show you our best volunteer programs abroad in Central and South America.

Auslandsaufenthalte mit South America Inside

When traveling abroad, you can gain valuable experience on, both a personal and professional level. This experience will be beneficial to you in extraordinary ways, including future jobs, choosing a university career, or in your own personal development.

Freiwilligenarbeit im Ausland

On this online guide you will find valuable information that will help you to realize your dream of volunteering abroad. 

Freiwilligenarbeit in Costa Rica

Small but nice! This statement is best for this tiny but beautiful and diverse Central American country.

Freiwilligenarbeit in Chile

Chile has a special fascination for many people. And for volunteering in South America, Chile is a very special place, too.

Freiwilligenarbeit in Ecuador

There are many reasons that speak for Ecuador as a destination for volunteer work. It is one of the few countries in Latin America where the original indigenous culture is still very much alive.

Freiwilligenarbeit in Guatemala

As the largest country in Central America, Guatemala has a lot to offer. Whether climbing an active volcano, making a trip to the picturesque Lake Atitlán, or exploring countless trekking routes that lead through the jungle passing ancient Mayan ruins.

Freiwilligenarbeit in Peru

Peru is one of the most popular countries for volunteering in South America. Here the ancient cultures of the Aymara and Quechua are still alive, even influences of the Inca are to be found, which is reflected in the everyday life of the people.

Freiwilligenarbeit in Bolivien

Bolivia is a landlocked country in the heart of South America, bordering Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, stretching from the Central Andes to the Amazon.

Au Pair Spanischsprachig

Being an Au Pair means intercultural exchange and understanding between two different cultures. People who go abroad as au pairs invest time, creativity, motivation and language skills in a host family, especially in the children of the host family.