Charlotte's volunteer program on the Galapagos Islands

Volunteer Work on Galapagos Islands / Ecuador 2019

 Galapagos Turtles


... Galapagos is synonymous with nature conservation, environmental protection, bio-diversity, sustainability, ecotourism with a quite unstable balance. The islands are located far away in the Pacific, about 1000 km off the coast of South America and pretty much on the equator. With the support of volunteers the tasks of the project are mastered. These include the eradication of invasive plants (the worst of which are blackberries and guava) and afforestation with indigenous trees, as well as community support and operations on the surrounding farms. In addition, a Hippo therapy is offered to help disabled children. An additional part of the work is to sporadically rid the beaches of waste.


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    Christiane's Volunteer Experience in Costa Rica

Volunteer Work with Children, Costa Rica, 2019

 SAI Costa Rica Volunteer 107


   Find out more about Christiane's experience as a volunteer in Costa Rica. 








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Amila's unforgettable time in Costa Rica 

Volunteer Work, Wildlife, Sept - Oct 2017



Find out more about Amila's time as a volunteer in an animal rescue center in Costa Rica. 








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Mariana tells us about her stay abroad in Peru


Volunteer work with animal protection in Peru - February until July 2017

After graduating from secondary school, I knew that I wanted to go abroad, preferably to South America to improve my Spanish skills.  



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Fleurs adventures at the Animal Welfare and Ecotourism project



Volunteer work in Ecuador - August until September 2017

Meeting all the animals was pretty exciting. There are a lot of monkeys and birds who have come from trafficking, and who have been badly injured because of it.  



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