Iona M. (20), UK

- May 2022 -

Volunteering in Psychology in Quito (Ecuador)

Hello there,
Thank you for your email. The journey was long but went very smoothly thank you. I am really enjoying life at the homestay, the hosts are lovely and it is a very homely environment. I have also met a few other girls staying here that I can travel with on weekends which is great! The work at the clinic is also very interesting and I am learning a lot. The only complain I would have (which is not even very important) is that the clinic sometimes takes two hours by bus to get there. However, this makes sense as it is far in the south and it is nice to see other parts of the city on the way. Overall, really enjoying it thank you so much for helping organise it all.

Hope you are doing well. 

Kind regards, Iona

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