Chloé B (32), France

-September 2023-

Volunteer Work with Smallholders in Patagonia (Chile)

Hello Melanie,

I hope you are well! Thank you so much for this email and for taking care! I have arrived yesterday around 4 pm at Katharina and Marcelo’s house. 👍🏻

She is really nice and she took care of me right away and she explained me everything about the house, the environment and the job that I will have to do. There is few jobs that I can help on which is really nice to have diversity because three months would have been a bit long doing only one thing. ☺️

The place is totally what I had expected being far away from everything is what I wanted so there is no problem with that. 😍

Also the kids are really cute so I hope I will learn from them too as I don’t have kids yet, but my boyfriend really wanted some 😝 so it would be a good start for me to take care of them sometimes!

so far, I’m really happy to be there and I would be happy to help her with the garden, the harvest, and everything outdoor! I will send you news like every two weeks to let you know how it is going. To be honest I’m pretty sure I will stay full time here!

The only thing which can be hard for me is being so far away from my family, but for the moment everything is really really nice!

Thank you so much for reaching me and I will update you if anything change!

Have a great day 😁

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