Save the Earth

Save the Earth

Volunteering in meaningful Conservation Projects

Save the Earth!

Climate change and environmental destruction are on everyone's lips - and not without reason. Nowadays it is no longer a secret that natural resources are not inexhaustible, that our oceans are full of rubbish, that rainforests are mercilessly cut down and entire animal species are becoming extinct.

It is time that we rethink, that we stand up for our mother earth and all the life on her, that we preserve our wonderful planet for future generations.

Latin America is home to a huge variety of species. In every country there are real treasures of native flora and fauna. Evergreen landscapes, natural wonders, exotic fauna, thousand years old trees and sensitive ecosystems.

Unfortunately, this incredible biodiversity is in danger in many places. The destruction of natural habitats, the exploitation of resources and the illegal trade in animals are just some of the dangers threatening native flora and fauna in Latin America.

As a volunteer with South America Inside you can support meaningful animal welfare projects in Latin America. You can be active in environmental conservation and protect the unique nature. In marine biology projects you will save endangered sea turtles and help clean beaches of plastic waste.

Our Wildlife & Nature projects are wonderful opportunities to learn more about the results of our “throw-away society”, to counteract it and to stand up for the protection of species.