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​Gain Working Experience Abroad

​with an Internship in South America!

​By doing so, you kill several birds with one stone: You do an exciting journey, you gain deeper insights into the culture than any tourist would ever do, and you considerably boost your CV!

Additional skills and qualifications are becoming more and more important on a globalized market. With an internship abroad, you stand out from the crowd when applying for your dream job. Intercultural competence, language skills and international working experience are only a few aspects that you gain during your internship abroad.
And not only this: “Along the way”, you will get to know a new culture and find out what it means to live in a foreign country. ​

​An internship abroad is a chance to improve your “soft skills”, such as flexibility, confidence, adaptability and open-mindedness, which are important assets.

​South America Inside is a well-established organisation for internships abroad. We place interns in many different industry sectors and business areas.

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