Farm Stay in Mittel- und Südamerika

Farm Stay

Have you ever dreamed about escaping the noisy city life to live in the breathtaking countryside? With our Farm Stay programs, you can make your dream a reality by living and working on a vast South American hacienda surrounded by fresh air and sunshine.

During your Farm Stay, you will have the unique opportunity to live in the countryside and dive into the daily life on a real Latin American farm. You will gain insight into cattle breeding, cultivation and the processing of agricultural products.

Throughout our Farm Stay program, you will live and work on a farm in South America and take part in its daily routine. You will support all activities that are carried out on the farm and will be repaid with on-site accommodation and meals. Due to this, your expenses will be small while you fully enjoy your Farm Stay in South America.

You can carry out your Farm Stay in the following areas:

Ranch Stay with HorsesWork with Horses

During a Ranch Stay on a horse farm, you will care for horses, clean stables, and assist with various activities depending on the focus of the farm. Some of these activities may include horse riding lessons, tourist services, horse training, and more.


Farm Stay in AgricultureAgriculture

Work in the agriculture industry and help with activities, such as seeding and planting, tending to vegetable gardens and fields, harvesting and selling the farm's own products. Depending on the farm, you may also have the chance to care for some of the farm animals. 


Farm Stay with animalsFarm Animals

Gain an insight into what it is like to work with farm animals. Here, you will learn how to lead animals to pasture, shear sheep and alpacas, milk cows or goats, clean stalls, and much more.




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