Emmely talks about her time as an Au Pair in Chile

Au Pair

Santiago de Chile / Chile

July 2017

(cortesy translation from German)

My au pair program with South America Inside was fantastic. From the fast and reliable placement process to the Au Pair program itself, everything went smoothly. I stayed with an Argentinian family in the middle of Santiago. I have moved house with the family and we went on vacation to Patagonia. There were pretty stressful situations for my host mother during the move and I was in the right place.

My two au pair children aged 6 months and 2 1/2 years were with me every day and they grew much closer to my heart than I could ever imagine. My daily routine was something like this: in the morning both were brought to kindergarten and I had free time until 1 p.m. Then I was allowed to pick up the older child from the kindergarten next door. Most of the time we went for a walk with the dog, visited playgrounds or went swimming in the pool.

There was also an afternoon nap, falling asleep with a child in your arms is wonderful! My host mother usually returned from work at 5 p.m. If, however, she had to stay longer, I would also pick up child No.2, accompanied by child No.1 and the dog. Making food, bathing children, feeding children, changing diapers and talking to my host mother about her working day (we got on brilliantly) was still part of the evening program.

In the evening I was allowed to sleep the 6 month old baby, which personally relaxed me. I always had a lot to do and I loved it. I really got along with my host family very well and we are still in contact today.

I can only recommend a program with South America Inside! The headquarters of the office in Santiago was there 24/7 for me and all the other au pairs. Going abroad really broaden your horizon and you will have an unforgettable time.

Thank you so much South America Inside!

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