Benedikt at the Amazon Wildlife Rescue Center

Volunteer Work

Animal Welfare / Ecuador

September 2015

(cortesy translation from German)

Upon arrival at the Wildlife Rescue Center in Ecuador, I was already convinced that that this would be a wonderful trip with so many new experiences. At the corner where I had to get off the bus, Julio (a family member) was waiting and welcomed me kindly. I immediately felt comfortable and well cared for.

The next day, I could see the whole project area with the animals. I was not only impressed by the size of the sanctuary but also by the variety of animals that are living at the station. There were: Ocelots, many colorful parrots, coatis, monkeys and many more.

After the first look around, I started to work together with the other volunteers. Sometimes this could be quite exhausting. Among the tasks were, feeding animals, cleaning and constructing enclosures, fishing in the river but also cleaning out the kitchen and living area. Between the shifts you could treat yourself to a well-deserved break in the cozy hammock, chat with other volunteers or just read a book.

The weekends were usually free so mostly we went with other volunteers to Puyo. There we went to the markets to buy fruits and vegetables, shop around or go out to dine good and cheap meals. Several times we also explored the Ecuadorian nightlife, which often led to very amusing experiences.

I would like to emphasize in particular, that the family who runs the sanctuary does so with a lot of dedication and love for the animals, they work day to day! They were always available and very helpful so that with the time we developed a really good relationship.

All I can say is, that this was a wonderful trip with lots of fun and interesting experiences. I am sure that in the future I will return to South America.

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