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Have you been dreaming of living and working abroad for an extended period of time? Do you want to explore a new culture, broaden your horizons, and escape your daily routine? If so, then a Work and Travel program in Latin America is just what you need.

With a Work & Travel program, or Working Holiday, you can have an adventure abroad that won't break the bank. Work & Travel is based on the idea of receiving room and board in exchange for work. In other words, you will work and receive your accommodation and food in return. This will not only keep your living expenses low, but also grant you the opportunity to explore a new country, its language, and culture.

Whether you have just finished school, are in the middle of your university studies, or just want a break from your work routine, our Working Holiday programs are ideal for people of all ages and professional backgrounds.

Due to the fact that most Work and Travel programs take place in the tourism industry, you will have the chance to visit the numerous attractions and natural beauties of your selected country.

With South America Inside, you can choose your Working Holiday Chile program from the following areas:

Working Holidays in HotelsHotels and hostels

Carry out your Working Holiday in a hostel, hotel, boutique hotel or resort, and learn what it means to work in a booming industry filled with international tourists. Here, you will work as a receptionist, take care of international clientele, help with in-room services, or work in a restaurant/café.


Working Holidays TourismTourism

Working with a tourism agency, travel agency or a tour operator will allow you to learn all about the administrative work that makes up the backbone of the tourism industry. You will help with a wide variety of unique tasks ranging from initial contact with customers to the execution of their travel itineraries. You will gain impressive new insights into the inner workings that form the most memorable holidays.


Working Holidays abroadRecreational Activities

Our Working Holiday placements in surf schools, ski resorts, and other recreational facilities are among our most popular program offerings. Here, you will assist with administrative tasks, sales, and customer service. Depending on your experience and knowledge, you may also have the opportunity to help with surf or ski lessons.


Au Pair South AmericaAu-pair in South America

One of our most unique Work & Travel offerings is our Au Pair Program. Here, you will support families in Chile with childcare and some housekeeping tasks. In exchange, you will receive a comfortable room to stay in, meals, and pocket money. This program offers one of the most authentic experiences possible because it allows you to gain a direct insight into the cultural and social life in Chile.




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