Stefanie’s Review on her Volunteer Work in Guatemala

Volunteer Work

Education - Teaching / Guatemala

April 2015

(cortesy translation from German)

When I decided to go abroad for a while, the search for a suitable organization started. After applying to two organizations but encountering some problems with them, my dad came across South America Inside by accident after doing some research. It was really a very good coincidence, because everything worked out just perfect! At the airport I was greeted warmly by a South America Inside employee and everything went smoothly. Due to the fact that I was supposed to give my flight details, the staff knew exactly whether my flight might be delayed or even earlier, so that they were actually just right there when I arrived. The transfer to Antigua, where I spent the next few weeks, went smoothly. Unfortunately my host family didn't open the door. After 14 hours of flight, tiredness and a bit of annoyance, this was a shock for me, but the local staff immediately organized another host family within 20 minutes.

The language course I booked through the organization was really great! By chance I found out that it is said to be the best language school in Antigua that I have attended. Language classes were tough. Four hours of individual tuition every day. But that really works! Unfortunately there were some problems with the project. I wanted to teach English at a school, but there were no English classes available. But after consultation with local contact person, it was easy to switch to another project, where I also would work with children and this was really fun! It was great to see how the children aged 9 and 10 got better at reading, writing and arithmetic. Fortunately, I had a very small "class" with only four students. The director came every morning and greeted everyone. And if I had problems, I could go to him at any time.

What I really like about the organization is the fact that I had my personal contact person at South America Inside. I could always write to Svenja if I had any questions and the answer would be in my email inbox at the latest a day later. Also an email shortly after my arrival in Guatemala was not long in coming. How I am, whether I have settled in, whether I am feeling good, etc. I felt really in very good hands with South America Inside! The contact was maintained before, during and after my stay.

I would go abroad again with South America Inside any time! You have personal support, a wide range of projects, the best language schools and really fair prices.

You have to count on the fact that not everything always runs as you imagine, this is how things work in Latin America, and I've experienced that myself. But it depends on how you solve problems, and the organization has always reacted flexibly and above all immediately, so that you could really enjoy your stay.

Thank you for organizing my first big stay abroad so well and for helping me with words and deeds! My next stay will definitely be booked again with you;)

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