Finn lived and worked with an Ecological Community

Farm Stay

Ecological Community / Costa Rica

May 2019

(cortesy translation from German)

My stay in the self-supporting community was a very nice and intensive life experience! It is a very quiet and beautiful place, isolated from all civilization, right in the mountains of Puntarenas. I volunteered there for three weeks and gained a lot of valuable experience.

Life is simple, the people in the community have opted for an original way of life and have many views that I could share. The work was interesting and varied a lot, so that you never had the feeling to be unnecessarily busy. The tasks included, for example, watering the plants, making fertilizer, digging around, picking fruit, helping with cooking, maintaining the paths or letting the goats graze and enjoying the view. 

Nevertheless there was always enough free time, and I never got bored despite the "silence"! So there was always enough time for a hike to a mountain or a waterfall.

The food was delicious, healthy and prepared with love; after all, it is grown on the grounds of the projects and gives you a more conscious handling of food or eating behavior.

I felt very comfortable from the start and learned to appreciate the moment by simply enjoying the view. I personally can only recommend everyone to gain such an experience and can highly recommend this project!

Thank you to South America Inside for this organization of my stay abroad. You made this experience possible for me!!

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