Barbara’s amazing trip to South America

Volunteer Work

Children Projects / Peru

September 2014

(cortesy translation from German)

In summer 2014 I wanted to experience something different during my vacation. All friends were already booked for the holidays, so I had to look for another alternative. At school we received the information by email that there are various social projects in all parts of the world. My curiosity was awoken and so I researched various agencies online.

I quickly came across the South America Inside website. I already received the most important information on the page. What I found particularly great was the quick, uncomplicated and friendly contact. I received an immediate response from Svenja, who was always at my side with advice and answered all my questions. I found it very helpful that you could call at any time. I didn't really know what I was getting into. And traveling alone to South America as a woman ... well, not only my parents had slight concerns. But when they heard that I was traveling with an renowned agency, they were fine with it.

After I filled out the questionnaire and entered all my needs and expectations, everything went very quickly. Shortly afterwards I received the message that I was admitted to go to Cuzco, Peru. What I found very great was that a girl from my area should go to Peru at the same time. Svenja then organized the first contact.

I got the address and the name with the information about my host family right on time before the start of the trip. And then it began. A whole day on the plane and you're at the other end of the world. My host mom picked me up at the airport and everything fit perfectly. The family I stayed in quickly became like my own family. I had a very nice, relatively large room, a shared bathroom and there was always enough food.

The meal times were always a great moment for cultural exchange. I really enjoyed every day with my host family. And sometimes I still miss the typical, delicious food ... After I had completely settled, María Jesus picked me up from the partner agency. She then took me to my "job", a home for neglected girls.

Then I quickly realized how well we are actually doing in Germany. The girls there were very friendly. I was supposed to teach them but this did not work out very well, since these poor girls had so many problems to handle with, so that they actually were not very interested in school at all. But we got the time around quite well.

From the second week I went to a kindergarten in a poor district. That was the greatest thing of my trip. The 4-5 year old were so nice and sweet. Every day I was greeted with a hug by everyone. It is amazing how happy these little ones are, even without a lot of toys. And they were just happy when you spend time with them playing. They were also so happy with the German chocolate I brought them. In the kindergarten, I was totally integrated, could help whereever I wanted and they even ask for my advice. It was just great there.

During the weekends, I usually was always on the road exploring this amazing country from up close. María Jesus helped me to get in touch with other so that I do not needed to travel alone. That was really cool, so a got to know a lot of new people on the tours. Machupicchu, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca were just a few of the highlights of the excursions.

I am so very happy that I could spent this time in Peru. It was such a great experience. I would do it again and again and can only encourage everyone, trust yourself and experience the best adventure of your life. You are well protected by the agency South America Inside and you can fully rely on them.

I would like to emphasize again that I felt really well looked after and was in good hands with South America Inside. And the on-site support in the family and through the partner agency was perfectly organized and was completely satisfactory for me. I would go on a trip again at any time!

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