Social Responsibility

Responsibility towards our fellow human beings, animal and environmental protection are important to us! That is why we not only aim at these topics with many of our volunteer projects, but also get involved. It starts on a small scale:

Recycling and Economical Use of Paper

In the South America Inside office, we do not print glossy catalogs and only do online marketing. In addition, we really only print out the bare essentials in the office and consistently use the back of paper that is no longer used as sticky notes.

Refreshments in benefit of the poorest in the country

South America Inside uses water dispensers from the Chilean company Late, which donates 100% (!!!) of its profits to foundations for the poorest in the country.

Donation of Clothes

We regularly donate clothes to foundations, charities, homeless or low-income people.

Donation of Items

Items in good condition that we no longer need do not end up in the trash but are donated to foundations or charities.

Animal Welfare

In our office we share a great passion - animal love! There are an estimated 2 million stray dogs and cats in Chile! Some of us are active in animal welfare and regularly donate money and food. Others have themselves rescued or even adopted several stray dogs and cats, we have even saved many cows during the drought in Chile.

Coming to Work Eco-Friendly

In a smog-hit city like Santiago de Chile, eco-friendly transportation is very important. If the distance permits, our employees come to the office by bike, on foot or by electric scooter.