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Mexico is a country of big dimension! Everything in Mexico is a little bit bigger, larger, wider and higher. Mexico is the world's 14th largest country with about 775,000 square miles. Mexico has a population of 105 million and is considered one of the most inhabited countries in the world. Mexico City, the country’s capital, totals upwards of 20 million people, which makes it the third largest urban agglomeration in the world.

Mexico is situated on the southern part of the North American Continental Plate, thus geographically belonging to the North American Continent. Historically and culturally however, Mexico proclaims Latin American pride and nationality. Mexico borders the United States, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, and southern neighbors Guatemala and Belize.

Mexico is one of the 18 mega diverse countries of the world with over 200,000 different species. Mexico is considered to be the second most active country in conserving their ecosystems, with approximately 2,500 species protected by Mexican legislation. Mexicans are lively people who greatly prioritize family and religious values. The numerous large cities of Mexico, though modern in style, still incorporate many indigenous and religious features into Mexican society. Even today, there are large Mayan communities that hold true to their native traditions.

Mexico's tourism industry is also booming with world-breaking records of tourists each year. Maybe the most famous place on the Pacific coast is Acapulco, where inhabitants are regular risk takers by jumping from incredible heights into the bay below. The Caribbean coast, the Yucatan peninsula, city of Cancun, and numerous beaches are widely known amongst tourists. Additionally, the Mexican volcanic belt contains both active and dormant volcanoes, reaching heights of nearly 6,000 meters.

The beaches of Playa del Carmen are recognized as some of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world. While enjoying the amazing beaches and sun in Playa del Carmen, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Playa del Carmen offers excellent restaurants, shopping, and amazing nightlife! It is very common to encounter famous faces, as well as unique characters enjoying the entertaining city life and beach flair. Additionally, water sports, cultural, and historical sightseeing, as well as tax-free shopping, are all highly recommended activities to fill your vacation days in Playa del Carmen.

When is it best to visit Mexico? Year round! Nearly every month holds some public holiday with general weather conditions being warm and dry. Small variations of weather do exist however in the months of May through September, when it can be particularly humid with frequent rain showers. November to February have occasional cold spells, especially in northern Mexico.

Mexico has an incredible amount of attractions to offer to anyone who ventures into its borders. Beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, mountains, volcanoes, deserts, cacti and much more await you! Of course, get your appetite ready for taste tantalizing tacos, enchiladas, tortillas and a huge variety of different sauces ranging from very mild to smoking hot!

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