Work and Travel Costa Rica

Work and Travel Costa Rica
Program Facts
Costa Rica
Work & Travel
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Booking No.


Program Type

Work and Travel


Costa Rica


Throughout the country. Please note that your preferences regarding location cannot be taken into account.


Hospitality sector

Volunteer Responsibilities

Strongly depends on the placement, but usual duties are attending tourists and working at reception, concierge, room service, selling tours, restaurants, marketing tasks, etc.

Work Hours

Approx. 35 hours/week

Program Start Date

On any day

Minimum Stay

6 weeks

Minimum Age

18 years


Intermediate Spanish skills. Book your Spanish course in Costa Rica with us.


No special skills required


Single or shared room




Depends on location. Generally, Costa Rica has a tropical climate with pleasant temperature year round.


No special vaccinations required. Please ask your doctor for additional advice.


Usually internet is available at project sites

Additional Information

Depending on your arrival day to Costa Rica, the program includes between 1-3 overnight stays in a single room with a host family (incl. half-board) in San José. Before leaving to your work site, you will receive an orientation from our local staff.

24/7 Emergency No.

With the booking confirmation, you will receive our 24/7 Emergency Number where you can reach us around the clock in case of emergency.


Enrollment possible at any time, with at least 8 weeks’ notice. (Download Registration Form)


Travel Health Insurance for Costa Rica mandatory

*We would like to point out that in Latin America, especially in remote areas where many of our volunteer work projects take place, Internet and/or cellular radio systems do not always work reliably.

Would you like to experience a different way of traveling in Costa Rica and fully experience its natural beauty? Would you like to support locals while you immerse yourself in the local labor market? If you want to widen your perspective during your gap year and get to know the country and its people in a work setting, our Work and Travel program in Costa Rica makes it possible! The Work and Travel program is designed for all ages and levels of work experience, whether you are still studying or close to retiring!

Our Work & Travel programs in Costa Rica are for anyone who would like to see more of the world and experience the country and people in a work-focused environment. Far more important than experience or expertise is a positive attitude and tolerance towards foreigners, cultures, and alternative work methods!

Work and Travel in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to get to know Latin American culture and its customs, allowing you to become a part of it. You will work hand in hand with the natives, or Ticos, and widen your cultural and personal horizon. You will have the opportunity to obtain profound insight into daily life, away from typical tourist experiences, and gain intimate knowledge of the "real" Costa Rica, beyond a tourist's point of view. Costa Rica is the ideal place for this type of program. This small Central American country is known globally for its stunning natural wonders and national parks that feature unique flora and fauna. Tourism, specifically eco-tourism, is one of the main sources of income in the country. Extensive tourism is a result of the country’s year-round pleasant climate, various national parks, and miles of beautiful beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

To make a long story short, Costa Rica is THE country for nature lovers and explorers alike. Due to high demand, don't hesitate and apply today!


Country Information Costa RicaWork Abroad in Costa Rica
Spend your gap year abroad in Costa Rica? Read more about the country and its people, and learn why Costa Rica is a great place for your stay abroad in Latin America.



A Work & Travel program in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to get to know the country and people, deepen your linguistic knowledge, and finance your stay abroad. Although you will not receive a salary, you will be rewarded with a room and board. In some rare cases, a small stipend may be offered, or you may earn small tips. This, however, cannot be influenced or guaranteed by South America Inside.

The Work & Travel programs are implemented throughout the tourism industry. Among the programs there are placements in small or large hotels, resorts, eco-lodges, hostels, restaurants, and more. The work tasks assigned can vary widely and depend on each particular placement. Typically, Work & Travel participants work in "front office" jobs and assist with attending to tourists. Possible duties may include working at the front desk and restaurant, organizing and selling day trips and excursions, being a tour guide / translator, assisting with marketing activities, helping with room service, and providing breakfast service. Please note that we cannot take into account personal preferences regarding the location. We place our participants throughout the country, always trying to find the perfect match based on your personal qualifications and past experience.

Your personalized program placement will be presented to you after successful registration in the program and after the placement process is completed. You will know detailed information about your work placement before booking and before starting your trip to Costa Rica! Work & Travel in Costa Rica is also a very good way to refresh your Spanish skills.

Program participation will not be denied to beginner level speakers, but those with limited Spanish knowledge will need to start the program with a Spanish course in San José. It is important that participants have adequate Spanish knowledge so that they can communicate in at the program site.

The type of housing that is arranged for participants depends on the program. Participants will be accommodated either in a single or shared room. In most cases, the accommodation is located directly at the program site itself. Participants may be accommodated at the staff section of the hotels/hostels or live in a hotel/hostel room. In very rare cases, the accommodation takes place with a host family.

Breakfast is usually served in the hotel/hostel/restaurant (the program itself). In some cases, the program participants prepare their own meals (ingredients provided). The exact details of accommodation will be exposed in the program offer after successful placement and before your booking.

Work & Travel in Costa Rica includes:
  Consultation of our experienced staff
  Translation of application documents
  Work & Travel Placement
  Orientation session on arrival
  Orientation kit
  English-speaking local support
  24/7 Emergency Number
  Single or shared room
  One overnight-stay in San José upon arrival
  Airport pick-up San José
  Transfer in San José Accommodation-Bus Terminal for journey to project site
  Advisery concerning adequate travel insurance
  Flight booking service (optional and for free)
  Certificate of participation

What’s not included:
  International flight
  Travel health insurance
  Local travels


Program / Duration






Staff House

640 USD

700 USD

760 USD

820 USD

880 USD

Application fee of 120 USD to be added.



Travel Health   Insurance  

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