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Language Travel in Central and South America

Language travel means traveling abroad with the intention of learning or improving a foreign language. In today's globalized world, it is becoming increasingly important to know foreign languages and demonstrate understanding of different cultures. Those who can communicate in a foreign language have an edge in the increasingly competitive labor market, in addition to enjoying the benefits in their own personal life. Language skills not only broaden personal horizons, but also open doors!

The best way to learn a foreign language is being where it is spoken every day. This allows you to pick up on the subtleties of the language and get a feeling for the correct pronunciation. You will quickly notice how valuable speaking with the locals is as you carry out your daily life in a foreign country. Overall, it allows you to become competely immersed in the life and culture of your host country.

With South America Inside, you can build your own language-focused trip! Choose one or several destinations from nearly 30 Spanish schools, which will take you to the most beautiful and exciting regions in Latin America. Our language courses abroad are more than Spanish classes because they also offer you the opportunity to dive into the local culture, traditions, and daily life of the host country. This combination is perfect for enhancing your language skills in a welcoming and fun atmosphere!

Choose your destination and desired course, and we will take care of the rest: Spanish Schools Latin America


Language Travel for Adults

Have you ever thought about taking a different type of vacation? Looking to escape the crowded beach hotels and typical holiday packages? Our recommendation: Language Travel with South America Inside!

A language course can also be designed as language travel. How about learning Spanish at the beach or in a historic city with a vast array of cultural activities? Learning and leisure can be combined perfectly through our Spanish programs!

Choose your favorite place from our extensive list of approximately 30 school locations for language courses. We would love to take over the planning for you, which includes booking the flight, enrollment in the Spanish course, accommodation, and free time activities. Talk to our experienced customer service staff about your needs and ideas, or let us inspire you.


Spanish Course as Preparation for a Work Abroad Program

A conversational level in Spanish is essential for successful participation in one of our stay abroad programs. Although we offer a handful of volunteer projects where you can get along with English, you should keep in mind that you would still be staying and moving around in a Spanish speaking country where most people don't speak English. Therefore, it can be very helpful to have at least basic knowledge of the Spanish language.

Our Spanish courses provide you with the best preparation for program abroad with South America Inside. Whether you are participating in an internship, Working Holiday, Farm Stay, or Volunteer Work program, a Spanish course is highly recommended.

You are able to choose where you wish to carry out your Spanish course, as it does not have to take place in the same city or country, where you carry out your main stay abroad. South America Inside operates like a puzzle. All of our language courses and programs are individual puzzle pieces that can be combined flexibly to fit you. For example, you can combine a Spanish course in country X, with a volunteer project in country Y and a Farm Stay in the country Z.

An overview of all our destinations for Language Travel in Latin America can be found here:
Learn Spanish in Central and South America

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