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South America Inside is one of the several branches of the intercultural agency Chile Inside SpA. Founded back in 2003, Chile Inside specializes in the arrangement of volunteer abroad opportunities, language travel and other educational programs throughout Latin America. For more than a decade, we have been offering:

  Internships abroad   Spanish Language Courses
  Work & Travel   Au Pair programs South America
  Volunteer Work abroad   Study Tours/Faculty led trips
  Farm Stay Programs   Touristic Services Chile
  Wildlife & Nature Projects   Car Rentals in Chile

Thanks to our professional team made up of motivated, highly committed, and friendly staff, we have experienced substantial success ofer the years and have been able to establish an outstanding network of our "Insider" contacts.

Since 2007, we have been expanding our program offerings throughout Central and South America, in addition to our well-established Chilean programs, to further enrich the experience and opportunities of our travel bound clients.

Our programs are meant for everyone. Wether you are a student, professtional, or retiree, our programs are meant for those who want to experience Latin America as more than a mere tourist.

Most of our volunteer projects abroad do not require any special skills or qualifications. You simply need to have a positive attitude and the desire to help wherever it is needed. Living in foreign country, being immersed into a different culture, and becoming a part of a local community alongside volunteers from all over the world, can be quite the challenge. However, you can be sure that by participating in one of our projects abroad, you will have an enriching and unforgettable experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you grow as a person!

Due to our collaboration with some of the best language schools in Latin America, we provide high quality language courses in almost every Latin American country. Furthermore, you can be assured that you will be provided with reliable local contacts and an extraordinary stay in the country of your choice.

In addtion to being an intercultural agency that organizes study and work abroad programs, we are also committed to conserving our planet, and helping people in need. Our mission is to encourage a new generation of ecologically aware individuals who have the skills and drive to make environmentally and socially sound decisions on a local, national, and global level.


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Get to know our team:

Marion Ruhland

Marion Ruhland

Marion is German and came to Chile in 2002. Her plan was to stay for half a year, but as she got to know people and country, she decided to stay. In November 2003, Marion founded the agency Chile Inside and has since been managing it very successfully. Before her time in Chile and after completing her studies in Business and Finance, she worked as a financial advisor in Private Banking at Deutsche Bank. In parallel to her work as the founder of Chile Inside, Marion managed the Latin America business activities of a large American financial services company and got to know the whole of Latin America through many trips. She has also travelled to almost all European countries, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa. During 2009, she increasingly withdrew from her commitments in the financial sector and has since been putting all her efforts into Chile Inside in order to ensure continuous company growth and the development of further programs. Marion speaks German, Spanish and English fluently and also knows some French.
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Julia Federmann

Julia Federmann

Julia comes from the southern part of Germany. Having learned English and Spanish in school, she became interested in other countries and their cultures. She studied international business and worked later for several years in a multinational company where she had her first contact to South America. Julia loves to travel and on her first trip to Chile she knew that this wasn’t going to be her last time in this beautiful and amazing country. Since May 2015 Julia is part of our team in client support. She speaks German, English and Spanish.
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Roman Preidel


Roman was born in the south of Germany. Since a guest school year in Uruguay, he has been enthusiastic about Latin America and the Spanish language. Since then he has traveled to several countries in South America and knows many places where our programs take place. After studying social work and several years working in various social fields, he decided to move to Santiago de Chile with his Chilean wife and child. Roman supports us in the area of customer care. He speaks fluent German, Spanish and English.
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Sergio Morales


Sergio is Chilean and was born in the capital Santiago. He has worked for many years in tourism and has a great knowledge of the country and experience in contact with people from all over the world. Thanks to his many years of experience in the tourism market, Sergio is able to understand the needs of clients. In 2016, he had the opportunity to live for six months with his German girlfriend in Germany, where he was able to further develop his German language skills. In addition to Spanish and German, Sergio also speaks fluent English, as he took a university degree in English. Sergio is an art lover and produces crafts in ceramics. He also enjoys making music, his music group is called Jazz Muy Tarde. At Chile Inside, Sergio provides service and support to our international partners and clients.
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Esperanza Fuster

Esperanza Fuster

Esperanza was born in the south of the country and has lived in many different Chilean cities. She came to Santiago – where she likes it a lot – to study engineering at the University of Andrés Bello. She has been able to gain lots of experience with foreign participants, as her family is one of our most loyal host families, and Esperanza has therefore already shared her home with many host siblings from all over the world. In February 2011, she obtained her university title and has been working at Chile Inside since July 2011. Esperanza supports us with the administration and organization of the stays in Chile. She enjoys meeting people from other countries and getting to know the world’s different cultures and learning from them. Due to her friendly personality and her unfailing good mood she is appreciated by colleagues and customers alike. She speaks Spanish and some English.
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Vera Neeten


Vera is German and has always loved foreign languages, so she took Spanish in school. After completing a year abroad in Spain while studying communication science at RWTH Aachen, it quickly became clear that South America should be the next step. So, in 2005 she came to Santiago for the first time to do an internship. And well, after completing her studies, she packed up again to live in Chile. In the meantime, she has founded her German-Chilean family in Santiago. Vera is a big outdoor fan and so in exactly the right place here in Chile - there is hardly a national park between the Atacama Desert and Patagonia, which she has not had under her hiking boots yet. After many years working in a local tour operator, Vera came to Chile Inside. She is in charge of our Marketing and speaks fluent German, Spanish, English and some French.
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Marco Chamblat

Marco Chamblat

Marco was born in Santiago de Chile, and loves this country. One of the most important things in his life is family. He has two kids and a lovely granddaughter. He likes to learn about other cultures and different people, too. For that very reason, he started his work in Chile Inside gladly, as it provides the possibility to get in touch with clients from all over the world. Since April 2015, he helps to find the best accommodation for our clients in Chile. Previously he worked in Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility for different companies. Marco speaks Spanish.
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Melanie von Senger Loeper


Melanie has a very international background. She is Swiss and was born in Munich, Germany. After an eight-year stay in Paraguay, she came to Chile in 1985, where she completed her studies in economics. This was followed by a 6-year working stay in Switzerland, where she worked mostly in the catering industry. From 1996 she then ran a small hotel on Lake Ranco, in the south of Chile. A few years ago she moved to the capital Santiago de Chile. Melanie is fluent in German, Spanish and English. She works as an assistant at Chile Inside supporting the team and our participants whereever necesary. mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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