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Peru sits in the vicinity of many countries. To the north is Ecuador and Colombia, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The Andes mountain range runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean, dividing the country into three geographic regions of coastline, Andes highlands, and the Amazon basin. About 60% of the country's territory is rainforest, which qualifies Peru as the fourth country with the greatest tropical forest expansion, after Brazil, the Congo, and Indonesia.

Peru contains over 20,000 years of cultural reflection. Throughout the country, historical evidence and traditional ways of life can be found, and that are still alive today. Visitors often report their amazement of the abundant remains of former cultures, unique tribes, and Inca Empire deposits. Chavín, a former pilgrim center, is where the culture of the Paracas, Pucarás, and the immense Nazca lines are still all part of the rich culture. Last but not least, Peru is home to both the World Heritage city of Cusco, as well as the world famous Machu Picchu (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). Peru invites travelers to enjoy the country outside of the world of history as well, with wonderful beaches, impervious jungles, fascinating Peruvian culture, and traditional Peruvian food and drink.

The three climatic zones of Peru entail three ideal times to visit this country. The average daily temperature of the Andes region is around 10° C (50° F), with freezing nightly temperatures. Early June through August is the dry season of the mountainous region. Still, during the rainiest months of December through March, the rainfall is minimal. The hot months of the highlands are December through March with extremely dry air; this coastal strip sees little rain year-round. In the tropical regions, April through November entails humid weather and many picture perfect foggy mornings. The all-around peak season of travel to Peru is between June and August, with drier weather and warm beach days. Lastly, the elevation of Peru makes all of these norms unpredictable as you explore higher into the Andes.

The Peruvians, in general, are rather reserved and timid, but once you take steps to “break the ice”, you will discover that they are very warm and friendly people.


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