Chile is truly a country like no other in the world. This long and narrow country embraces the Pacific Ocean on the eastern coast, squeezed by the Andes Mountains and Argentina to the west, and borders Bolivia and Peru to the north/northwest. Chile takes great pride in being the longest country in the world with an incredible length of 4,345 kilometers and an average width of only 185 kilometers. Due to the country’s vast length, a wide range of climatic zones and weather conditions exist with an average daily difference of thirty-eight degrees between northern Arica and southern Patagonia.

While the country’s total population adds up to about 16 million, almost 6 million, or 40% of the Chileans, live in the country’s capital, Santiago de Chile. 85% of the country's population lives in urban areas, an incredible 15% of the population is responsible for agricultural production of wine, oranges, avocados, flowers, melons and numerous other products. Moreover, the relatively small central valley around Santiago dominates the country in terms of agricultural resources.

If your Chilean travels take you outside the economic and cultural side of Chile, you will find landscape variety in forests, grazing lands, spectacular volcanoes, rocky and sandy coasts, and shimmering lakes. With a little extra local knowledge, you might be lucky enough to discover the labyrinth of fjords, beautiful inlets, remote islands and historic glaciers.

Chile’s most known attractions for adventurers and culture seekers alike are Easter Island, Robinson Crusoe Island, the southern region of Patagonia, and famous Altiplano in the north. Within a two-hour radius from Santiago, you will find spectacular beaches, glacial hiking, climbing, biking, surfing, wine tours and much more. From the world’s driest desert in the north, endless coastline in the west, majestic Andes in the east, smoking volcanoes, virgin forests, lakes, fjords, rivers and glaciers in the south, there is something for every interest in Chile.

The best time to travel to Chile depends greatly on what you hope to see and do. If your mission is to play hard in the southern region, the most accessible months to the backcountry of Patagonia are December through March. The months of November through February are fantastic for long days of hot, dry weather and empty city streets in central Chile. For skiers, along with rain in the city, snow begins to fill the mountains again from June through August. In northern Chile, the Atacama Desert is easily accessible all year. March is a general all around ideal month to explore Chile from north to south because this is the transition time from summer to the colder and rainy winter season.

We believe you’ll find Chileans are generally quiet, but welcoming people. They are very proud of their amazing country and love to talk about its endless variety. Chileans are very kind, helpful individuals, and will soon consider you to be their “amigo” so you will not feel lonely.


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