Sustainability! Our word for the year 2021


Our power word for 2021

January 8, 2021

Many people set intentions for the new year. Also for us, a new year is a great opportunity to reflect and look back. This year we want to do it differently. It is not a resolution that we impose on ourselves, but an attitude towards life that should accompany us from now on. A single word that can change so much and have a positive impact on our planet, fellow human beings, nature and animals: SUSTAINABILITY.

We are concerned with our ecological responsibility. Our aim is to be even more careful with the available resources in everything we do. This is also what our great volunteer projects in Latin America are all about. We feel more closely connected to this principle than ever before!

Nothing is inexhaustible and it is our job to preserve natural resources in the long term so that they can be renewed naturally. We wish for the new year - and all coming years, that sustainable action becomes a mass movement. Because it makes such a big difference for many who have no choice - for less well-off people, for the animals that have no voice and for nature that has to endure our actions. And that is why it is our firm decision, starting this year, to keep asking ourselves in all our actions: is there an eco alternative for it? Can I do this and that in a more sustainable way?

In our volunteer projects, wonderful things are achieved every day when our volunteers work for environmental protection, animal welfare and those in need. That makes us proud and happy. And how is it in our office? Not bad at all. We all know what kind of CO2 spinner an air conditioner is. In our office in Santiago de Chile we have one, yes. This only runs on the really unbearably hot summer days of the year. We don't have a throw-away mentality. For example, we pay close attention to which document has to be printed out. We have said goodbye to plastic bottles. Our water comes straight from the tap and is filled into beautiful glass bottles. The glass bottles from Carry Bottles look particularly good on our desks. And from now on, we have our coffee to go filled into a chic, reusable coffee to go cup instead of using disposable cups. By the way, our trendy coffee to go cups are not only environmentally friendly but also an eye-catcher. Or we take the freshly brewed fair trade coffee with us in a handy and at the same time chic thermos mug.

At night and on weekends, we turn off all our devices and the garbage is separated. Paper that is no longer used is used as scratch paper and business trips are reduced to the absolute minimum - holding meetings digitally has become the norm since Corona. If it has to be a notepad, then please only made of 100% eco friendly paper. For this we have stocked up on the pretty eco design notebooks from Tyyp, which we found in the KAUZANA online shop.

However, sustainability in the office starts at home. Since we don't have any microwave, our office lunch has recently come in a practical stainless steel lunch box. We pack light food such as nuts and dried fruit for in between in the innovative snack'n'go bags from Made Sustained. Zero waste can be so easy!

For commuting between the office and home (office), we stow our laptop in a laptop bag made of 100% organic cotton. With the chic bag under our arm, we'd like to take an extra tour of the city - it's also a beautiful fashion piece. And if there is more to transport, then we pack our vegan (!) Daypack full.

The extremely diverse desk organizers made of bamboo ensure order on the desk. We put pens, scissors, ballpoint pens and rulers in the pretty bamboo pen box with 6 compartments and all the odds and ends that accumulate in the course of everyday work are quickly stowed away in the bamboo desk shelf.

And what do we have lying around in the ladies and gents toilet? Sustainability within reach, of course. Wonderfully soft towels made of organic cotton and fragrant vegan soap in recycled bottles with good mood sayings.

We would be happy if this post is an inspiration to you. We also got inspired. At KAUZANA - The Green Lifestyle Store. It hasn't been around for long, but it came at just the right time for us. With their offer, they want to make conscious consumption simply possible. And we think that's great - that's why we are happy to support KAUZANA.

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