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Program Type

Volunteer Work, Child Care


Antigua, Guatemala

Volunteer Responsibilities

Care of infants and children, feed them, change diapers, play with kids, clean the rooms, teach them about healthy nutrition, raise funds for charities, etc.

Work Hours

4-8 hours/day, from Monday to Friday

Program Start Date

Year round

Minimum Stay

2 weeks

Minimum Age

17 years


Intermediate Spanish skills. Book your Spanish course in Antigua in Guatemala with us.


A love for children and the awareness of working closely with children in difficult conditions, poverty, and malnutrition


Single room with local host family or single room in guest house


Full-board with host family, no meals included at guest house


The volunteer project is located on the outskirts of Antigua, in the small town of San Felipe de Jesús. It can be easily reached by bus from the city center. Antigua is located in the central highlands of Guatemala at around 1,600 m above sea level. It is surrounded by volcanoes and is famous for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture and churches. Antigua has been declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Antigua is a growing tourist destination in Guatemala as many tourist places can be reached easily.


Antigua has subtropical highland climate with year round pleasant weather. The average daily temperature is 20 °C (68 °F), the nights in Antigua are pretty cold. The rainy season is from June to October, the dry season from November to May.


No special vaccinations required. Please ask your doctor for additional advise.


Most but not all host families have internet access. The guest house is equipped with internet though.

In-country Support

Volunteer coordinator in Antigua

24/7 Emergency No.

With the booking confirmation, you will receive our 24/7 Emergency Number where you can reach us around the clock in case of emergency.


Enrollment possible at any time, with at least 4 weeks’ notice. (Download Registration Form)

Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance for Guatemala mandatory

Guatemala is a developing country where more than 50 percent of the population lives in poverty. Particularly alarming is the number of infants and children in need. More than one-third of them live in absolute poverty and suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Of 1000 children born, 40 will not survive their first birthday. Until the health care system in Guatemala is sufficiently developed to handle this problem, this unfortunate statistic will continue. Although public funds and initiatives are minimal, there are private donors who support children and babies.

Through this volunteer project, you can support a health center for malnourished infants and children up to 11 years old. Located on the outskirts of Antigua, the center was funded by donations and opened in October 2008. It includes a fully equipped medical clinic, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms for the most critical cases of malnutrition, common rooms, and a garden with a vegetable patch. The objective of the center is to stabilize the health situation of children suffering from hunger, to accustom them to normal feeding, and educate them about healthy nutrition all while providing them a carefree childhood they deserve. For this goal to be achieved, staff and volunteers work tirelessly each day. They create a safe, clean, and enjoyable atmosphere where young patients feel comfortable and can gain strength to improve their health.

Without the help of volunteers, it would not be possible to keep the center operating at such a high level, which is required to provide the children with a "normal" life. Through this volunteer work project, you can commit yourself to work against child poverty in Guatemala and you can give new hope and a brighter future for youth in Guatemala!


About GuatemalaVolunteering in Guatemala
Want to know why a stay abroad in Guatemala is a good choice? Here you read more about Guatemala and its people, and you can see why it is a great destination for volunteer work in Central America.



Please keep in mind that you will have a great responsibility while participating in this project. You will be taking care of infants and children that are extremely malnourished and accompany them on their way to a "normal" life. In addition, you will encounter severe cases of malnutrition and diminished states of health.

In collaboration with the local staff and other volunteers, you will be caring for the welfare and health progress of the young patients. You will change diapers and bathe the children, feed them, play with them, and develop educational activities through leading small projects. Children that are old enough will help with watering the plants and caring for the vegetable garden. Here, you teach them that just as the plants need food to grow, they themselves need care, so that their own body can grow. You will also ensure that the facilities of the center are always clean and in good condition, taking the opportunity to teach the children about order and cleanliness as well. Collecting donations and organizing fundraisers may fall within your tasks to ensure that the project stays fully operational.

For the successful recovery and development of children, one thing is particularly important: love. Oftentimes your warm and tender care is enough for the children to feel safe and forget their troubles for a moment. Bring all your love to Guatemala and give Guatemalan children new hope! Volunteers typically work from 8 am to 12 pm, but you can also show your commitment in the afternoon.


An important part of our volunteer work programs in Latin America is providing an intense, rewarding experience that exposes you to the everyday life and culture of the host country. Therefore, our volunteers in Antigua live in homestays so that they can dive right into local customs, taste authentic meals, and experience the life of a Guatemalan family first-hand. You will be amazed by how quickly your Spanish skills will improve each day. Our families are carefully screened and selected, and some have many years of experience hosting foreign guests. In addition to a hospitable accommodation, you will enjoy three meals each day at the family’s home. You will stay in a single room and your bathroom may be private or shared with other family members.

Alternatively, if volunteers wish to live amongst other foreigners visiting Guatemala, they can choose the Guest House accommodation. This accommodation offers a single bedroom, and all meals are self-catered.

Volunteer Work with Children in Guatemala includes:
  Consultation of our experienced staff
  Translation of application documents
  Volunteer work placement
  Orientation session on arrival
  Escort to the project site on the first day
  Orientation kit
  Local support
  24/7 Emergency Number
  Single room with host family (full-board, except for sundays)*
  Single room in guest house (no meals)*
  Airport pick-up (if booked)
  Advisery concerning adequate travel insurance
  Flight booking service (optional and for free)
  Certificate of participation
*Accommodation as booked

What’s not included:
  International flight
  Travel health insurance
  Local travels


Program / duration





Host Family

510 USD

625 USD

740 USD

115 USD

Guest House
(no meals)

570 USD

715 USD

860 USD

145 USD

Application fee of 120 USD to be added.



Airport Pick-up

30 USD

Travel Health   Insurance 

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