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Volunteer Work with Underprivileged Youth in Ecuador
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Volunteer Work
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Program Type

Volunteer Work, Child Care


Quito, Pichincha Province, Ecuador

Volunteer Responsibilities

Assisting with homework, creating fun and recreational activities, helping during meal times, teaching English, organizing birthday parties, making handicrafts, doing sports activities

Work Hours

5-8 hours/day, from Monday through Friday

Program Start Date

Year round

Minimum Stay

4 weeks

Minimum Age

18 years


Elementary Spanish skills. Book your Spanish course in Quito with us.


No special skills required


Single room, homestay or residence


Half-board (homestay), no meals (residence)


Quito is the capital of Ecuador and with an elevation of 2,850 meters (9,350 ft) above sea level the second-highest capital in the world. The central square of Quito is located only 25 kilometers (16 mi) south of the equator at zero latitude. The historic center of Quito is declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to the impressive historic center, one of the largest and best-preserved in the Americas.


Due to the proximity to the equator and the high elevation, Quito has a constant cool climate with an average daily temperature of 15 °C (59 °F). The dry season, meaning summer time, is from June through September and the wet season, winter time, is October through May.


No special vaccinations required. Please ask your doctor for additional advice.


Mot but not all host families have internet. The residence is equipped with WIFI Internet.

Additional Information

Orientation session on the first day, including a city tour (walking) with other participants.

In-country Support

Volunteer coordinator in Quito

24/7 Emergency No.

With the booking confirmation, you will receive our 24/7 Emergency Number where you can reach us around the clock in case of emergency.


Enrollment possible at any time, with at least 4 weeks’ notice. (Download Registration Form)


Travel Health Insurance for Ecuador mandatory

The project takes place at a community center for children and teenagers and is located in one of Quito's largest parks. It was originally set up by Ecuador's First Christian church. At that time, meals were provided for children and adults in need, but under the condition that they converted to the Christian faith. The government later intervened and decided that the project should continue, however, those attending would not be obliged to follow Christianity. Currently, the children are taught once a week about different religions, allowing them to choose for themselves which faith they wish to follow.

In the morning, the center cares for up to 50 children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old (numbers are subject to change). The center provides the children a safe place to go, offering them lunch and clothes. Many of the children’s parents work long hours and often struggle with little income. The center has relocated some of the children to adoptive homes if the parents were no longer able to care for them. In the afternoon, the center provides assistance to about 20 teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13 and 25 (numbers are subject to change). Many of the teenager cope with difficult issues like dependence on drugs or living on the streets. The center offers them one meal each day, as well as support in finding jobs and homes for those that are without. Former homeless children also run workshops, advising their peers about the dangers of living on the streets. Caring for children and teenagers in difficult situations requires extensive dedication, patience, and empathy. Volunteers with these traits are always welcome at the center.

It's important that volunteers are innovative and self-motivated to offer new ideas and become actively involved in the project. Building trusting relationships with the children, teenagers, and staff is highly valued. You should also be flexible, as the demands of the project and children are constantly changing.


Country Information EcuadorVolunteer Work Abroad in Ecuador
Read more about the country, history and people, and learn why Ecuador is a great destination for language and volunteer travel.



Ecuador is a developing country and the realities faced by many children and teenagers are inconceivably difficult. This volunteer project cares for children whose parents do not have enough economic resources or time to provide their children with the food or attention they require. The center also cares for teenagers who live on the streets, offering them a meal, support, and a safe place to go.

For the children and youth, the center is a safe place of refuge, where they are given warm meals, a friend who they can discuss their problems with, and receive personal support and attention. As a volunteer, you will assist the center's staff with everyday tasks such as preparing and serving lunch and general maintenance. You will also spend time playing games and doing sports with the children in the park, as well as organizing educational activities. The permanent employees and long-term volunteers are very busy running the center, so, as a volunteer, you must be creative and able to organize and run your own activities and programs, especially if you choose to work with the children. In addition, it is important to remain flexible since project demands are constantly changing.

You can choose to work either with children or teenagers. Young children attend the center between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm, and teenagers attend from 3:00 pm until 5:30 pm. If you prefer, you can volunteer during both sessions in order to help both groups. The first Monday at the project is an orientation day in Quito. All new volunteers will go on a city tour of Quito to get to know the city and learn how to get around using the public transportation system. In the afternoon, there is an informative discussion where you will learn about the organization and be advised on important issues in Ecuador, security measures, accommodations, volunteer work details, and more. Your volunteer work will start the next day, on Tuesday.

It is very important to us that you are comfortable during your stay in Ecuador. For this reason, we offer two accommodation options. If you want to completely immerse yourself into Ecuadorian culture, we recommend living with one of our carefully selected host families. This allows you to practice your Spanish skills in everyday situations and get to know the country's traditions and cuisine firsthand. If you have questions or need help, your host family will always be there to assist you. During your stay, you will be provided with your own room with half-board (breakfast and dinner) every day and laundry service once a week.

If you want to live more independently with other young people, you might want to live in our student residence. The residence is shared among Spanish students and volunteers. You will have a single room and share common areas and bathrooms. Food is not included, but you can prepare your own meals in the well-equipped, communal kitchen. There is a large supermarket within walking distance.

Volunteer Work with Youth in Ecuador includes:
  Consultation of our experienced staff
  Translation of application documents
  Volunteer work placement
  Orientation session on arrival
  Escort to the project site on the first day
  Orientation kit
  Local support
  24/7 Emergency Number
  Single room in Homestay (half-board, laundry service)*
  Single room in Residence (no meals)*
  Airport pick-up (if booked)
  Advisery concerning adequate travel insurance
  Flight booking service (optional and for free)
  Certificate of participation
*Accommodation as booked

What’s not included:
  International flight
  Travel health insurance
  Local travels


Program / duration





Host Family

1,020 USD

1,195 USD

1,370 USD

175 USD

(no meals)

880 USD

1,020 USD

1,160 USD

140 USD

Application fee of 120 USD to be added. One week corresponds to 7 days and 6 nights.



Airport Pick-up

40 USD

Travel Health   Insurance  

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South America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in EcuadorSouth America Inside - Volunteer work with youth in Ecuador
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