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Program Facts
Volunteer Work
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Booking No.


Program Type

Volunteer Work, animal protection


Rurrenabaque, Beni Region, Bolivia

Volunteer Responsibilities

Support with maintenance work, construction, feeding of the pumas and care of the animals

Work Hours

Approximately from 7.30am until 5.30pm with a 2 ½ hour siesta

Program Start Date

All year round, on every weekday


Minimum 2 weeks

Minimum Age

18 years


Elementary Spanish skills. Also book your Spanish course in Bolivia with us.


A big heart for animals; Willingness to live in the nature; Craftsmanship talent; Motivation to learn and help


Shared dormitory in volunteer house


Full-board (vegetarian)


The facility is located 25 km outside the city of Rurrenabaque, in the middle of the beautiful Amazon region of the Beni river.


Tropical climate, average temperature 26° Celsius (80°F). The rainy season is from December to March.


Yellow fever, eventually rabies and malaria prophylaxis as well. This vaccination information must be checked with your doctor at home before departure.


There is no internet available at the volunteer project site

Additional Information

You should bring biodegradable (!!!) cosmetic products for your whole stay.
There is no electricity on site.

In-country Support

Volunteer coordinator at project site

24/7 Emergency No.

With the booking confirmation, you will receive our 24/7 Emergency Number where you can reach us around the clock in case of emergency.

Packing List

Rubber boots, long sleeved light shirts, long light trousers, light general clothing, that can get dirty, biodegradable soap/shampoo and detergents, sleeping bag and towels


Application possible at any time, with at least 4 weeks’ notice. Download the application form here.


Travel Health Insurance for Bolivia obligatory!

*We would like to point out that in Latin America, especially in remote areas where many of our volunteer work projects take place, Internet and/or cellular radio systems do not always work reliably.

This wildlife sanctuary that sits on the banks of the Beni River has been in operation for more than 25 years. Its primary goal is to rescue endangered animals that suffer from poaching, animal trafficking, deforestation, and other dangers. Additionally, the animal rescue center aims to protect the local flora while pushing towards the preservation of the Bolivian natural environment. The wildlife custody center is located at the edge of the Madidi National Park. It sits on a large protected area of almost 2 million hectare (5 million acres) and has very unique biodiversity.

The volunteer program is strongly supported by people from all around the world through both donations and labor. Volunteers that travel to Bolivia to work hand-on at the rescue center gain a deep insight into the adventurous life that exists in the Amazon. One of the main goals of the wildlife protection project is to spread environmental awareness and understanding in order to foster fair interaction between humans and animals. The Bolivian population, which currently strives for growth and innovation, needs to realize the necessity of caring for the fragile ecosystem. It is important that they gain awareness regarding these problems since large portions of the jungle are endangered due to oil drilling and intense deforestation.

The tasks the volunteers engage in during this wildlife and nature volunteer project are centered on protecting the fragile ecosystem of the Amazon region. Volunteers work in a protected area and perform construction and maintenance work. The animal protection center must grow in order to grant more space for even more endangered animals. At the moment, there is only a small number of animals in the center, however, this is supposed to change in the near future. That is why volunteers help with construction work and engage in craftsmanship tasks. If volunteers help with the project for more than 6 weeks, they are allowed to help with feeding and caring for the pumas and other animals.
Living in the evergreen nature, surrounded by exotic wildlife is something volunteers can expect from this project! The volunteers live together in a volunteer house, which is located directly on-site. There is one big dormitory with bunk beds and several double rooms, equipped with sheets and mosquito nets. There are ecological toilets and showers available for the volunteers. In general, a rather spare usage of water is required due to the fragile ecosystem. The water that is used in the facility comes from a nearby river. It is prepared before use in order to grant drinking water quality. As an alternative, you can bring water-purifying pills or buy regular bottled water in Rurrenabaque. The meals will be prepared in shifts by the volunteers and local staff. The food is only vegetarian (meat would get bad too fast due to the tropical climate).

The Wildlife Volunteer Program in Bolivia includes:
  Consultation of our experienced staff
  Translation of application documents
  Volunteer Work Placement
  Orientation session on arrival
  Orientation kit
  Local support
  24/7 Emergency Number
  Shared accommodation in Volunteer House
  Full-board vegetarian (3 meals/day)
  Advisery concerning adequate travel insurance
  Flight booking service (optional and for free)
  Certificate of participation

What’s not included:
  International flight
  Travel health insurance
  Local travels


Placement fee
Volunteer Work

270 USD


Program / Duration


additional day
until day 30

30 days


Volunteer House

2,570 Bs
(approx. 370 USD)

120 Bs
(approx. 17 USD)

3,870 Bs
(approx. 560 USD)

80 Bs
(approx. 12 USD)

 Note: the above mentioned costs have to be paid on site in local currency (Bs=Boliviano).
There is also a guarantee deposit of 300 bs (approx. 45 USD) to be paid on site. This deposit is returned once the booked volunteering time has been completed.



Travel health  insurance  

more info here

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