Christiane's Volunteer Experience in Costa Rica

Volunteer work with Children in San José, Costa Rica

Working as a volonteer in Costa Rica was a enriching experience, I stayed with a mama Tica who was very kind and warmful, I spoke a lot with her and have been able to really improve my spanish. The volunteer center of South America Inside wich is in charge of volunteering work is very professional and I loved going there after my work with the kids (I only worked half a day) to participate in several activities such as conversation class, dance and cooking lessons. The team there also helped me to organize week-end visits to several regions of Cost Rica (beautiful beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes etc). A big thanks and hi five to Leda, Anita, Adriana, Laura...they were all very helpful and kind to answer to a question why one's has to pay for volonteering. To me it is worth paying because your mama Tica gets paid for your stay and the in-country support team has to pay also all the team working there. So you are also doing a good action by paying and have a well organized experience. Thank you! 




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