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The term, “Stay abroad”, refers to a long-term stay in a foreign country, which could be for a variety of reasons, such as a vacation or, for professional and personal reasons. Going abroad with South America Inside means that you are able to study, work and learn Spanish in Latin America while reaping the benefits of full cultural immersion. This is the central concept of our volunteer programs, Spanish courses, internships, Working Holiday, and Farm Stay programs in Latin America.

As a participant of South America Inside, the world is open for your exploration in various ways: you can volunteer for a non-profit organization, gain work experience abroad with an internship, work in exchange for accommodation in our popular Work & Travel and Farm Stay programs, or get involved with wildlife and nature projects. Our extensive program selection allows you to get to know Latin America off the beaten tracks.

All South America Inside programs can be combined with a Spanish course. Ideally, you should do this prior to the start of your program, in order to build the necessary foundation for communicating well in Spanish.

When traveling abroad, you can gain valuable experience on, both a personal and professional level. This experience will be beneficial to you in extraordinary ways, including future jobs, choosing a university career, or in your own personal development and overall life experience.

The duration of your stay abroad is up to you. The minimum stay for most of our volunteer programs is only 2 weeks. Many of our volunteers use their summer vacation to carry out a short-term stay abroad. Others want to have a long-lasting experience in their host country in order to be immersed in the language and culture for as long as possible.


Staying Abroad for a Career Boost and Sustainable Life Experience

Globalization is very much alive and present, and the international orientation of many companies’ continues to progress each year. Applicants who have professional experience abroad undoubtedly have a significant advantage over those who have not gone overseas or are unable to add a foreign language to their resume.

By going abroad, you will not only improve your language and social skills, but also demonstrate the highly sought after level of commitment that comes from carrying out a volunter program in a foreign country. This hightlights your organizational skills, tolerance towards foreign cultures, and ability to adapt to other ways of work and life. In addition, the knowledge of another language is extremely valuable. All of these are skills what a company today wants its employees to have.

A stay abroad also has a number of advantages to your own personal development: The international experience that you gain not only broadens your horizon so that you can see things from a different perspective, but also allows you to reflect on your own life, culture, and attitude.

Ways to Stay Overseas with South America Inside:

Internship Abroad

With one of our tailor-made internships in South America, you will gain international work experience that will help open doors for your future career!

Spanish Course in Latin America

With more than 30 destinations to choose from, you can learn Spanish in almost every country in Latin America. Put your skills into practice by carrying out a volunteer program afterwards.

Work & Travel / Working Holiday in Latin America

Find work abroad in the tourism sector! This is ideal for those who have a low travel budget.

Hotel Jobs Abroad

Want to gain a direct insight into the hospitality industry of another country? Want to work and live where others vacation? Our hotel work placements in Latin America let you do exactly that.

Volunteer Work in Latin America

Do you have a passion for helping people, animals and nature? Do you want to support a good cause while traveling abroad? By doing volunteer work abroad, you can combine both!

Volunteering opportunities in Latin America:

  Volunteer Work in Environment Protection
  Volunteer Work with Wildlife
  Volunteer Work in in Childcare
  Volunteer Work in Health Care
  Volunteer Work in Education/Teaching
  Volunteer Work in Community Work
  Volunteer Work in Building/Construction
Volunteer Work in Human & Women's Rights

Farm Stay

Live the life of a South American cowboy! Stay and work on an authentic farm and experience the local culture first-hand as you live and breathe in the fresh air of countryside.

Study Tours / Educational Travel / Faculty-Led Trips

Study tours are a great way to boost your career with international experience, broaden your global perspective, develop language skills, and take part in the hustle and bustle of the rapidly growing world of business in Latin America.

Au Pair Chile

Do you have a passion for working with children? Caring for children as an Au Pair for a local host family is a unique opportunity to gain direct insight into the local language, culture, and education of a foreign country.
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