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You love good food and like to try new things? You like fried, but also healthy, fresh things? Cannot you decide between fish and meat? And something sweet always tempts you? Then you'll feel right at home in Peru!

Yet many tourists from other Latin American countries also come to Peru because of the cultural diversity, historical sites and beautiful scenery ... but many come first and foremost to eat really well. Many Europeans as well come home from a trip and tell just how marvelous Peruvian cuisine was. Nowadays, Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world and Peru has even won the title of the best culinary destination at the World Travel Awards, the Oscars of the tourism industry.

What makes the Peruvian cuisine so special, is its diversity, which reflects the diversity of Peruvian landscapes: long coasts with innumerable fish and seafood, the highlands and the Amazon basin ... The Variety of vegetables, animal products, herbs and spices, but above all the wonderful and often surprising way in which Peruvians combine them, make every meal there an experience.aji de gallina

If you're volunteering in Peru, or taking a Spanish course in Peru, or knowing Peru during a Work & Travel trip, you should absolutely not miss out on these classics:
1) Ceviche even has its own day in Peru! It consists of different types of raw fish in a broth of lime juice, herbs and spices, the so-called "Tiger´s Milk". Sounds strange? Tastes delicious!
2) Ají de Gallina, Chicken in a creamy, curry-colored sauce of condensed milk and yellow ají, served with potatoes and / or rice is one of the most typical dishes ever.
3) Tacu-Tacu, based on rice and beans was originally a "poor people´s food". It can be the basis of a variety of dishes or a very tasty side dish.
4) Suspiro de Limeña or Suspiro Limeño is THE Peruvian dessert and be careful, it´s addictive! This incredibly sweet temptation based on milk and egg yolk with an exotic touch and meringue on top rounds up every meal just perfectly!

Did you get hungry? Or do you feel wanderlust now? We bring you to Peru, so you can try all those delicacies and much more yourself. Take a look at our pages and discover which type of travel suits you: Work & Travel through Peru? A volunteer service in Peru? Or rather learn Spanish at a language school in Peru? Contact us, we will explain the details of all possibilities and help you to find your perfect volunteer project in Peru.







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